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  1. With all the frenzy around the power ball I read something interesting the other day. If you were to win any large amount, wait a few days to claim it then start calling friends and relatives and say you've had an unexpected hardship come up and could you borrow $500.00. The ones that turn you down would maybe be to embarrassed to ask you for money when they find out you won
  2. I didn't read all the posts. Walmart is selling a Smartphone for $10.00. It is recommended by KIMKOMANDO as well. Don't know if this will be good for you or not. The KIMKOMANDO online will help you in the future.
  3. I totally agree with the Shark posts. Bad stuff for sure.
  4. Googled photo and they definitely are! I will just have to go with her. My latest mystery! Thanks
  5. That is it.I googled for Robalo steak photos and that is it. Thanks
  6. Because i wasn't there when she purchases it.i ask her and she doesn't know. Hard to do much walking to the store and she gets down there and back in minutes.
  7. Google is my friend but was no help. Reading blogs no help. A sliced oval about 6 inches long with a spine bone about the size of a nickel.
  8. 50% of the budget is borrowed money. Moody's just down graded Costa Rican bonds. Solis says no changes for two years. Anyone that wants to reign the govt sector is almost committing suicide. Looks pretty bad to me. But hey what do i know?
  9. I had no idea. Sure gives you understanding that Costa Rica is in an Economic death spiral. http://www.centralamericadata.com/en/article/main/The_State_is_Distorting_the_Labor_Market?u=f4d4013e3f29495b9ca7d5dd7cd09528&s=n&e=3&mid=[MESSAGEID] The State is Distorting the Labor Market In Costa Rica civil servants earn on average 150% more than workers in the private sector, which contributes decisively to the growth of inequality and lowers the overall competitiveness of human resources.Editorial A study by the deputy Otto Guevara, according to a report by Crhoy.com, confirms the distortion generated by the wage policy of the Costa Rican public sector in the labor market in the country. Through remuneration systems that favor the stability of the employee and reward the simple continuity in a post beyond the adequacy with which tasks are executed, it is possible that even within the same institution one driver of a light vehicle can receive $300 a month, while another one earns $3,750. Other cases mentioned in the article by Crhoy.com include: "...In the State Distance University (UNED), while one secretary earns $152 another gets more than $4300. " "... One janitor at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) earns a salary of more than $2,400, while another janitor who performs the same functions, earns only $74. " In Costa Rica, a country of 4.5 million inhabitants of which 20% live in poverty, there are 1,600 government officials whose monthly salaries are over $10,000, some reaching up to $70,000 a month. The huge difference between state and private wages generates direct distortions in the labor market, and indirect ones in the work habits of the population. http://www.centralamericadata.com/en/article/home/Corporatism_of_Public_Sector_in_Costa_Rica
  10. Business items you won't read elsewhere. Usually! CentralAmericaData EXPRESS http://www.centralamericadata.com/en/static/about_us
  11. Thanks to all for the clarification. I renewed my Dr lic. in Mo. last AUGUST. Sure glad i found out hat the date on my license is not the one that matters.
  12. Hello Paul, I am confused. Who requires me to leave Costa Rica to keep my valid Missouri Dr License in effect?
  13. I think it is amazing that they can go from o mph to 50 mph in 10ft.