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  1. eguillermo

    Car rental company fare war?

    Looks like I'm too late to the party to get a Vamos SUV for Thanksgiving . . . all sold out. But it's good to know for next time
  2. eguillermo

    Car rental company fare war?

    Yes, Vamos looks great -- after the experiences I've had in rental car offices arguing with the clerks, or standing behind people arguing with them, I'm very willing to pay for a little clarity and simplicity. Thanks!
  3. I went Orbitz/Travelocity searching for a car out of SJO for Thanksgiving week, and got such low quotes that I'm suspicious. Normal economy cars were around $25 for the week, and an SUV (which I picked) only $85. In the past, I'm sure I've got quotes near $400, and then of course you show up and all the fees and mandatory insurance etc means almost twice that (which is a whole other issue and pain in the butt). Is there a fare war or something going on, which would make these low prices make sense? Or is it the strength of the greenback? Really curious!
  4. eguillermo

    Driving around CR in rainy conditions

    Great, thanks very much for the replies! The right answer is almost always: just go for it. But there's nothing better than some good local information.
  5. According the weather forecasts I'm seeing (which, of course, are just forecasts) it looks like it will be pretty rainy over the next couple of weeks. How bad is it to try and drive in remote areas in a rental SUV, do you think? I have been in places in Mexico where a little rain makes getting anywhere impossible . . . my plan is to drive from San Jose to Tarcoles to Los Chiles and then back to San Jose. I'm actually thinking about canceling the car and just letting professionals (vans) do the driving. But maybe I'm just being silly Your opinions and thoughts and insults will all be appreciated!!
  6. eguillermo

    Travel to Nicaragau

    I'm planning on making the boat crossing from Los Chiles to San Carlos next month. One of the big questions in my mind is: how risky is it to leave a rental car in Los Chiles for a few days while I'm in Nicaragua? I'd be leaving it at the Hotel Wilson Tulipan, which sounds like a decent place with secure parking.

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