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  1. I hear that from my wealthy Mexican business associates who are disappointed that American's view of Mexico is all formed from their interaction with poor uneducated Mexicans who cross the border. Most Americans do not know or would believe that Mexico has a large thriving middle class.
  2. Paul, I don't see the article as negative ... I think it might point out a different point of view the author has experienced ... for example, in many places of the world, North American's resistance to haggle over prices is considered rude because it is considered social interaction ... here haggling is considered rude ..... When I work in China what North American's consider a final agreement is just a starting position and one need to be ready for continuous negotiations even with a final signed contract ... in Japan you are considered guilty until you prove your innocence .... one that confuses me in Costa Ricians is the acceptance and promotion of prostitution in a family grounded / Catholic nation or that CR is a center for human trafficking yet strives to be peaceful ... it is hard to reconcile all these .... people are different and many times North Americans approach the world through NA glasses ...
  3. A recent article pointed out a possible cultural difference between North Americans and Costaricans that I would like to get some feedback on since it is important to understand so you can adapt. I think it would be good to avoid, "I have a Tico friend who is like this or or not like this since those are point observations. I am wondering in general across the entire population if this is a point of view new commers need to be aware of or does the author have it entirely wrong. ============================== "One of the biggest things I have noticed is that 90% of Costa Ricans have a hidden agenda in pretty much everything they do.I look back and realize that in almost every interaction I have had with a Costa Rican, if they are not getting something out of it they will not be involved. Now I know this exists around the world but in Costa Rica it is taken to the extreme." http://www.costaricantimes.com/costa-rica-living-the-hidden-agenda/10392?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=costa-rica-living-the-hidden-agenda
  4. Isn't just like a business that offers enticements to gain market share? I am guessing CR has enough customers wanting in and so they don't worried about attracting any more. The new kids like Ecuador are trying to steal new investment from CR. Eventually, CR will reach a point where they get back in the game. Beach ... I am putting less stock in the numbers (how much you can bring, how many cars you can import, the pension number) and concentrating on what the government can not change which is the climate and people. Governments and parties come and go but the weather and scenery will remain beautiful (until global warming really hits). So, my advice is find where you really really want to be and than work around or adapt to the inept governments, the ever changing rules, and various retirement packages.
  5. I think every community goes through the angst when valuations are updated every six or seven years (7 is the law in NC) where you have inflation increasing values or changes in methodology. Where I live they typically the government makes the adjustments "revenue neutral" to update the valuation but maintain the same revenue since they collect all they need to do their business. Personally, I have always been interested in how property taxes affect property values. It seems like the cost of maintaining a home in CR is low (low labor and taxes compared to the US) so people can wait years for a sale. In the US, the longer your house is on the market, the more money you lose to taxes, insurance, and maintenance which means eventually prices come down to stop the loses. If property taxes continue to increase in CR, I wonder if folks who have been sitting on empty houses will be more motivated to sell and prices will decrease.
  6. I was discouraged about Panama after watching the documentary on Netfilx on our last invasion there. I was heart broken and could not see how they could look favorably on North American after what we did .... We destroyed their army and then revoked the treaty provision banning US bases because they could no longer defend the canal .... Duh ..... On the other hand, it appears we are building lots of military installations there for incursion into South America so in a conflict or uprising , Panama may be one of the safest countries in Latin American to live from an uprising, invasion standpoint ... If you can avoid being collateral damage.. Finally, the amount of revenue from the canal is making them very rich.
  7. Two things to consider is if no one does anything the worst that can happen to SS is that payment go to 75% of what was promised so there won't be a bankruptcy. Any improvement at all will move us closer to 100%. Second, is in a few years a majority?? of the voters will be near SS eligible and I can do see politicians going against those odds or the majority supporting reductions. Personally, I am more afraid of senior citizens using their voting power to increase their benefits at the expense of the younger generation leaving them with an even more bankrupt country.
  8. Here is an estimator to see how much it will cost you http://healthreform.kff.org/SubsidyCalculator.aspx#incomeAgeTables
  9. Interesting ... So, Day #36 could cost you $2000. If there were no exception, I would probably just stay out of the US and be done with the whole mess. Personally, I wondered what the definition of coverage means ... maybe I can buy a policy with a $100k deductible for $1 per year and be covered?
  10. I figured all legal residents pay the Caja fee so they are covered right? The intend is that you can show proof of insurance which your "fee" (or is it a tax?) provides??. note, , there are no provision or funding to detect or punish those who don't comply so it will be a long time until they figure all this out .... I a person will check a box on their income tax whether they are covered or not ... if not, fill in $xx on line 20 ... my daughter's college has a website you go punch in your health insurance details in which some company verifies and the school removes the health fee from her bill is another way to handle it ... I wonder if the speak Spanish and can call long distance to CR? Also, I would like to mention this law provides for access not affordability. So, with healthcare cost expected to increase 13% this year an into the future, it is likely more people will have access (<26, low income, no pre-existing, etc.) but many will not be able to afford to participate .... and for those who don't have the funds to participate, the government will punish you with taxes that you can not afford either ... going to be interesting ...
  11. Dana ... I have been wonder that also if I would be required to buy insurance I can not use ... best case, there is an exemption for people who physically are not in the country ... worst case you pay the "tax" and still get care in CR. I am hoping for the exemption.
  12. Eleanorcr ... "corporate sales to house painter to seafood sales" ... interesting ..maybe you should write a book. imre999 - eleanorcr has some good advice ... my suggestion to break through would be to remove the emotion and do a simple business case ... numbers are sobering ... it might be a simple as miserable but safe vs. destitute but happy ... maybe you just need a more transportable business ....can you and do you want to live on no money with more risk? ... remember you created one successful business so unless that was a fluke you have ability ... it is a matter of priorities and how you want to spend the limited time you have been given on the this earth ... maybe ask if you had a year to live what would you do?. On the issue of what your friends and family think, well I would discount that compared to what makes you happy. Are you sure there is no way to split your time until gradually the decision is made for you ... for example, the more you are gone the more responsibility your employees will take until you really do not need to be involved all the time ... just some thoughts
  13. On how to live "stateless" .... Someone was kind enough to send me a link to St. Brendan's Isle which does mail forwarding for RVers, Traveling Nurses, Cruisers, etc. Service starts at $12/month. I am guessing they may not excel at package delivery from Amazon since they do not push it as hard as the other companies but all I need mostly is regular mail and this looks like the trick. I thought this feature was cool .... MSP allows you to actually view your incoming mail online the day it is received. Just log into Mail Manager Pro and view a picture of each new piece of mail, then click on the drop down box next to each envelope and instruct us to Hold, Send, Scan the Contents, or Shred the envelope. It is just that simple! MSP is designed as an add on service to compliment our Travelers, Cruiser Home Port, and Custom Service Plans. By viewing your mail online, we believe you will reduce the number of shipments you require by up to 75% and reduce the overall expense associated with your mail service account by about 50%. ...www.sbimailservice.com/mail_scan_pro.htm
  14. Paul .. concern ... my wife will be coming down this Summer to vacation with our plans to come in the fall for a ARCR seminar where I was thinking we would apply for the licenses ... I am concerned that will be later than the 90 days when she comes in the summer ... ???? ... so my concern is when the clock starts ...
  15. I would like some help working through some planning. I expect to move from NC to CR in the next year. I am concerned about how to deal with drivers licenses. My NC is valid for five years so I assume I can return and rent a car during that time. I expect to get a CR license too. I do not have family with a permanent address to collect and forward my mail or use for my NC license. So, I am concerned about how US driver’s licenses are handled for those who cannot use their kid’s address and move all the time. When you start moving around, what address do you give the state license department? Also, Do you use the ARCR address for the CR license since newbies are moving around initially?? Can I give the Aeropost address in Miami if I got a FL driver’s license? I don’t live there?? Of course, I won’t have a utility bill with that address?? How do people handle being “stateless”??
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