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  1. Paul, that article really struck home with me. In 1971-73, while I was living/learning Spanish in C.R., the young (teen) folk all used "vos" with each other, and "usted" with the non-family elders. I don't remember hearing "tu". To Induna's point, one expression that I heard the young folk say regularly was "you know?", with the accent on the last syllable "¿vos sabés?" as opposed to the traditional "¿tu sabes?" Happy memories...
  2. CMinCR

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    To further Eleanor's point, the term "Third World Country" originally meant one not allied with either NATO or the Communist bloc. In other words, most likely, not militarized and just looking after its own interests... which certainly describes Costa Rica. Like Paul, I fell in love with the people and lifestyle in the early 70s (1971), and still see the influence of those attitudes in spite of the technology and excess of motor vehicles...
  3. Congratulations Eleanor! You are the "lead sled dog"... (which is the only one who gets a change of scenery...) Well done, and thanks for documenting!
  4. CMinCR

    Who celebrates US holidays?

    T-Day T-day, T-Day...Every year we (went to PriceSmart and) got a turkey (pavo), got friends together (including Ticos), and did all the fixin's that we could. It was a real surprise for our Tico friends, who weren't familiar with stuffing, pumpkin pie, or cranberries, but never fails to be a top event. Christmas, New Year, the 4th are all great and many times were with our Tico friends, but T-Day has a required menu. Eleanor, did that answer your question?
  5. To expand on Paul's acronym explanation... Fittings (elbows, connectors, etc.) have consistent inside diameter (ID) because that's the "hole" into which the pipe's outside diameter (OD) must fit in. However the pipe's inside diameter (ID) can vary, and determines how thick the walls of the pipe are. Basically, the parts that glue together are the same size, but the strength is determined by the pipe's thickness. I probably shouldn't have mentioned thickness... but it sure affected that fellow I know...
  6. Thin wall PVC pipe is mostly in the smaller diameters (e.g. 1/2"), and intended for low pressure use. Unfortunately, when the objective is low cost, the thin wall works fine... until it doesn't... as the person found out, since water pressure from mountain sources varied widely...
  7. Also be aware that there are thick- and thin-wall types of PVC pipe. Thick wall is normal in construction, but one person that I know used thin-wall (cheaper), which made it burst with the wild variations in pressure, not to mention when it got bumped.
  8. CMinCR

    The Price of Lunch

    Back in 1971 a delicious casado was about 4.5 colones ($0.30) in San Jose at the local sodas and bars... Of course the exchange rate was 6.62 colones to the dollar... When it skyrocketed, they started selling the (nearly worthless) 5 colon bills as souvenirs outside the National Theater... My how times change...
  9. Good point Lucybelle. Journalists in Costa Rica use a much higher academic vocabulary than normal conversation, making it much harder to read. In the U.S., journalists are taught to write at the lowest level "the way people speak", making egregious mistakes as well. But if you can read C.R. publications, your command of the language is great!
  10. Perhaps the best way to look at it is "C.R. will for assets in Costa Rica", "U.S. will for assets in the States", as Eleanor and Paul both mentioned. As we discovered when investigating it years ago, those assets in a C.R. will must go through probate, which takes a long time. Those in the U.S. (in a will) also require lengthy probate. It would be very difficult for U.S. financial institutions, title companies, etc. to recognize a C.R. will in probate. So it makes sense to avoid as much probate as possible. As Eleanor already mentioned, a Power of Attorney allows someone to act on your behalf. But more importantly, if you've assigned the desired beneficiaries to every financial account possible, those would pass without probate. The beneficiary only needs your death certificate and to know where you have the account. Only the major assets will need probate (e.g. house, car, etc.) It is great to plan ahead, but I hope you don't need probates or beneficiary recipients for a long time.
  11. James, if the plano doesn't show the servidumbre as being part of your property, it is part of someone else's. In some cases a servidumbre is a stand-alone property in itself. A plano shows which properties abutting a servidumbre have rights to use it, but it isn't a shared ownership, only a right to use it to access your property. Someone owns the servidumbre. A number for the servidumbre should appear on the plano. You can look that up in the Registro and determine who is the registered owner. It could be the "A" guy, but regardless, having access rights conveys zero ownership or control. As Eleanor and CRF said, they "trim" plants almost to the ground, and in 3 months you'd never know. If they only trim/shape them, the stalks keep getting thicker until you have a thin veneer of leaves outside a massive clump of thick stalks. Not pretty. I almost had a heart attack years ago, the first time I saw it... until I saw ones no one was tending. Also, I suggest being cautious about getting into conflicts with neighbors. Unlike the U.S., they aren't afraid of being sued, and any lawsuit will languish for years even if it is ever resolved. Neighbors have long memories and fanning the flames of being on the outs with them won't help future relations. This is just a suggestion, but I've seen too many gringo-Tico and Tico-Tico conflicts fester for years, with things done repeatedly on each side to hurt the other. That's why happy gringos and Ticos let most things slide... and have less stress...
  12. At 4:00 on 3/20 we will lift a toast to Chris and another to you and the kids. We're so happy to have known Chris, and sorry that we won't be there for the paddle out. Colin
  13. I do not know about Canadians, but with $10,000 or more in foreign accounts the U.S. requires both reporting them on taxes and the U.S. FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) requires reporting them to the Treasury Dept. on a separate form in June. The reporting is painless, but to avoid filing taxes if you don't need to, (a U.S. person) could stay below that limit. If you find out about Canadians, please post it.
  14. CMinCR

    Sad news to share

    Jessica, we are so sorry for your family's loss. We're so glad to have known him. The dynamics between all of you were a real pleasure to see. Our condolences to you all..
  15. To be clear (for others), the OP is applying for permanent residency, but asking about citizen status. Merc1011, as Tibas has explained (and done!), when he became a C.R. citizen he was able to (fight his way through the) process get the deposit returned. You might enjoy locating and reading his thread on it.

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