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  1. Hi Everyone, I am in dire need of assistance. I live in the San Carlos area, and have found a used car for sale that I am interested in, however it is located in Santa Ana. I am not familiar with the area, and would like suggestions of a reliable, honest mechanic to take it to, in order to check it out, prior to my purchasing the car. Any help would be appreciated. I am hoping to be in Santa Ana Thursday or Friday. Hopefully the vehicle will still be available by then. Thanks ever so much. Tatty
  2. Good job Ron. I had to make the run to keep my drivers license in tact. I had no issues with immigration officials on either side, in fact the CR guy said "see you tonight", he knew I was not going to stay out of CR for 72 hours! Did you have any issues with the border guards? Where is your 2 warnings posted, which thread?
  3. $300! I took the bus from San Carlos to Los Chilies, took the 1:00 boat, had lunch in Nicaragua, took the 4:00 pm boat back, got a 3 month stamp. The people at the CR immigration are the friendliest people on the planet!
  4. Aftercoming down many times and looking around. Finally, I booked a trip, rented a car and drove from one end of the country to the other, north, east, south and west. I had been in contact with realtors in all areas of the country, and narrowed my list. I found a house on a piece of property that suited my needs. I will be moving to it permanently this month, so I cannot tell you at this point if I made a GREAT decision. What I can tell you is this... The attorney that I worked with, Roger Petersen, is located in San Jose. My property is located close to Arenal. Roger kept me informed of all the transactions via emai. He is totally reliable and honest. Is highly knowledgable in Costa Rican and US Law. Speaking with him, its impossible to know that English is his second language. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
  5. I have used Trustedhousesitters.com with EXCELLENT results!
  6. Hi John, Do you do any handy work? I have a place that I own, that I would consider your offer of house sitting, if you do work, such as putting up a wall, fixing my balcony etc.
  7. I formed a corporation in CR last year when I bought a house. I will be moving down there (hopefully) next year when I retire,. I heard about the new tax that has to be paid by the end of this month. However, I cannot seem to find out how much I owe, or how I can get it paid. Is there anyone that is willing to help me out????
  8. thanks everyone for your input. I have been to CR many times, and travelled extensively throughout, with the exception of the Osa Peninsula (which is my daughters favorite area). I am going to look at 3 houses, one in San Carlos, one in Playas Del Coco and the othe is near Nicoya. Wish me luck.
  9. Help! I am flying to CR this month for just a few days to look at some properties for sale, in the hopes of purchasing one for my retirement home. My question is this: How can I get about $50K into a CR bank account? Should I bring a Bankers Cheque, or a personal check, or $10K cash????? I know I will have to open an account once I get there, and then wire money into it, what do I need to open a savings or checking account. As you can tell, I am totally unfamiliar with the process. Thanks Everyone
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