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  1. Does anyone know if they have changed the law requiring a cedula before + 90 days before you can obtain a Costa Rican Drivers License? I have searched the web, and called a friend at Cosevi, no one has heard of any changes. Just wondered, as I like to keep up with changes in laws that affect expats.
  2. Thanks everyone. I had asked him if he had registered for STEP, he said yes. So I assumed he had and the form was no longer there. Passed the information along. One more question. When I got my fingerprints done, I went into Ciudad Quesada, and the police there did it. No problem whatsoever. They are going to be in Puerto Viejo. Can he get fingerprinted in Limon or does he have to make a drive to San Jose. I don't know anything about the Caribe side
  3. tatty21

    Big Sale from Avianca

    very cool. Looking to visit Panama Thanks
  4. I have my temp residency. I have someone that is also seeking it and they asked me how to get Registered with the US Embassy. I looked through my documentation and it is the only paper that I did not make a copy of. I have written and called the US Embassy for a link to said document, they have been of NO help whatsoever. Can someone here please tell me where this document is located? I don't believe that I got it notarized Just printed it out and handed it over. Thanks guys
  5. I was wondering if anyone on the forums has the name of a person that does tax preparation to file with the US IRS
  6. tatty21

    Banking in CR and US law

    Thanks all! Feliz Navidad
  7. I have been trying to find out if there is a limit to the amount of money a US citizen can have on deposit in a foreign bank. I know it was at one time $10K, but now I am hearing there is no limit, but many foreign banks are no longer interested in having US citizens as account holders, due to all the rules put in place by the USA. Anyone have the definitive answer?
  8. Roger Petersen in San Jose. He created my corporation, handled the closing of my house and paid the taxes. All while I was in the USA.
  9. I shipped mine down through Charles Zeller, he handled everything. I will say this though, if I had to do it again, I would NOT ship a car here. After all the expenses, I could have bought one here (from a returning ex-pat) for a LOT less.
  10. Just checked the status of my residency, at the Consulate in San Carlos. They originally accepted all documentation, and I have my comprobante (big deal right). However, the letter from Edward Jones, stating that I have the required minimum of $1000.00 a month deposited in to a bank in Costa Rica, was returned by San Jose because it was not apostillized or "officially" translated. I checked with the US Government, and they will not put their stamp on it, because it is not a government document. I checked with the FL sec of state office, they will not put their stamp on it as it is not a local document, and the fact that it has a Florida Notary Stamp on it, to them is all that can be done. I checked with the person that has, in the past, performed all my official translations, and he says he has not dealt with anyone that is a pensionada without social security (apostillized) income. There must be more out there??? Anyone here, have any suggestions? Thanks
  11. I used Roger Petersen for both my corporation and my house closing. He has written a book on Costa Rican Law, and has several how-to videos. Highly recommend him to anyone needing a bi-lingual attorney. He is in San Jose area
  12. tatty21


    Being a Brit by birth, raised in Australia, then the USA and now Costa Rica. I was wondering who I would actually "root" for. Turns out I am really hoping that Costa Rica can make a good show. I think that the people in this country has a better appreciation for the game. However, after the Italy vs England game, I also believe that Italy is going far, right along with Brasil
  13. Hi Everyone, I am in dire need of assistance. I live in the San Carlos area, and have found a used car for sale that I am interested in, however it is located in Santa Ana. I am not familiar with the area, and would like suggestions of a reliable, honest mechanic to take it to, in order to check it out, prior to my purchasing the car. Any help would be appreciated. I am hoping to be in Santa Ana Thursday or Friday. Hopefully the vehicle will still be available by then. Thanks ever so much. Tatty
  14. Good job Ron. I had to make the run to keep my drivers license in tact. I had no issues with immigration officials on either side, in fact the CR guy said "see you tonight", he knew I was not going to stay out of CR for 72 hours! Did you have any issues with the border guards? Where is your 2 warnings posted, which thread?
  15. tatty21

    Staying as a 'telecommuter'

    I may know of a furnished house in the San Carlos area, that you may be able to rent for the time that you are here. The view is spectacular. If your plans come to fruition and I can help, private message me.

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