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  1. My family and I travel a lot all over the world but mostly to the USA, especially Georgia as our domestic operations are located there. 3 of my family members have drivers licenses from Costa Rica. We have had so many problems with this since we are US citizens. We have been told everything from "you can't drive in Georgia with an international drivers license", "you can't have residency in another country and be a citizen of the USA", or "we do not recognize international treaties in this State" ... yes, this is true ... and a good hint why we moved. (We have applied for residency 3 years ago) Anyways, the laws have changed in the USA and they are getting stricter. The requirements now are: 1. Valid drivers license from your country of residence. 2. Valid International drivers permit (IDP) FROM your country of residence. FYI, the law does not say you need to carry your passport but officers in Georgia police were arresting diplomats/important people and giving them tickets because they did not have their physical passport on them. (The State Attorney Generals office issued a letter to all police to stop this). However, we find it best to carry a notarized copy of passport and the stamp showing your entrance into the USA. We have IDP's but from other countries. Now, we have to find a place in Costa Rica that issues IDP's. Does anyone know if there are any services or entities here that sell IDP's I promise you the States are getting worse and worse. My 20 year old daughter was arrested last weekend because they said she did not have a drivers license and they would not recognize her IDP nor her Costa Rican drivers license (which was on her as well as her passport as she has just come back to Georgia). This is the second time this has happened to a member of our family and we simply do not want to have to keep going to court to fight the issue. (Of course, we won last time as the case was simply dismissed for the police officers ignorance and stupidity.) I am hoping that if we have some 'official' looking IDP from Costa Rica it might help when we are held hostage on the roadside with people who do not know the law. Thank you
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