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  1. We actually went down and checked out Paragon but we didn't anty up the $30K they wanted. Since we were going down anyway to our investment home in Playa Tambor we agreed to only put up $5k as good faith money to look at their properties. Well to start with they were 1hr late picking us up at the hotel in the morning. Then they took us to their home modeling center where they show you the home building materials and upgrades for future construction. Then we were told that the original lot we reserved didn't have the water view we were promised so they'd show us another lot in a different area. On the way there the company called the sales person to tell us it wasn't available and then to show us an entirely different area. Then the car broke down and we had to wait for a replacement vehicle. We were taken up to Puterenas for a nice lunch (the only highlite of the day) and then driven up to the 3rd backup property. Needless to say it was a complete washout! No view, steep grade and across from a smelly horse ranch. Then they took us to another area which while somewhat better was unreachable by foot or ATV and therefore we couldn't even walk the property. They just pointed up the hill and said "it's over there somewhere". In any case the grade was such that it would be a daunting task to build on it. All in all we wasted no time in getting our money back (it took about a week). With all of the beautiful more traditional investments available in Costa Rica I see no reason to get involved with this operation. Many of the references we contacted while enthusiastic had purchsed their properties sight unseen and I think are in for a disappointment when it comes time to develop them.
  2. Hello Micheal: We have a rental in Playa Tambor in a gated beach front community. Our 2bd 2bath villa has a brand new pool and is on a 9 hole golf course. We are an 8 min walk to the beach and a 2 min walk to the club house where there is internet service. Here is the web site... John Drexler http://www.tropicrentals.com/vacation/rent...untarenas/1138/
  3. Well actually our purpose is to rent out the unit to defray the cost of ownership. We don't intend to live there. Los Delfines was sold by Barcelo and is under new management which will be breathing new life into the property. They are breaking ground in January on new modern ocean front condominiums which will form a community unto themselves with stores, services and recreation. Prices to start around $180's. Additionally permits are in the works for a marina on the other side of Tambor bay which in the case of Los Suenos made all the difference in the property values. Once enough new owners have been drawn in they have already reserved land for an additional 18 hole golf course to complement the existing 9 hole course. With all this in mind I believe that the appreciation potential for this property to be above average even if only half of the expansion takes place over the next 5 years.
  4. Hi: My wife and I have just returned from a whirlwind 5 day car trip from Liberia to Portrero Bay and Flamingo beach down through the Nicoya peninsula to Tambor. Then by ferry across to Punterenas and finishing up in San Jose. Our experience after investigating a number of pre and post construction developments was that the speculators are driving the prices through the roof up to New York levels. Many undeveloped plots in planned gated communities are starting in the high 100's and rapidly heading to the mid 300's plus. Some are already being offed for resale without so much as a shovel of dirt turned over. Finished developments like Los Suenos start in the low 500's and vanish out of sight from there. The one exception appeared to be Los Delfines next to the Barcelo resort in Tambor beach. Prices for 2 bdr. duplex resales started in the mid 100's and 3bdr. mid to 200's. We found an example of each which look like attractive investments to us as mainly rentals with some occasional vacation use. Does anyone have any personal or anecdotal information on this property?
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