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  1. Basicaly a "natural" pool is a pond!

    You would need a steady current of incoming water and an equal amount of water discharging.

    I'm sure most people have swam in a river or a pond of some sort. You just need movement to keep the water clear and clean, and water plants can help. Just be careful of what plants you use as some are highly invasive (like water hyacinth)


    Savannahjo's waterfall would be a perfect example

    Jamieanne here is a link


    Yes...ingoing and outgoing in a relatively closed system - circulating from the regeneration portion of the pool to the swimming portion, being 'topped off' by stored rainwater as needed. It would be aerated by a simple pump. I need to find out about aquatic plants that do well here and are not invasive...I think it was noted above that they are difficult to find? But that's kind of counter intuitive given that we are in rainforest/waterfall country with plenty of water friendly plants. No???

  2. Actually, a natural pool is one that is built similarly to a traditional pool but is cleaned and filtered with aquatic plants. These types of pools have been built extensively in Europe and are increasing in popularity around the globe - even for public use. They can be in the shape of a traditional pool or like a natural pond. The plants compete for nutrients with algae and the plants, if done right, win - so no green scum. They are aerated with a simple filter, and a skimmer takes junk off the surface. There are many resources - here is one if you are interested: http://www.inspirationgreen.com/natural-pools-swimming-ponds.html


    oh - about changing water - a natural pool never needs draining, where a chlorinated pools gets dumped periodically. The maintenance involved is mainly gardening. I'm thinking a cistern that collects roof water in the green season for keeping levels at the right level would be the way to go.

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