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  1. Jamieanne

    Physical Therapist.....

    Clinica Red - excellent! Close to la Sabana
  2. A question regarding border runs: I know that once a person applies for residency they don't have to take those trips every 90 days (unless they want to keep their driver's license current), and was wondering if the same goes for applying for citizenship? My son, who is 23, and whose father is Costa Rican, turned in his materials and just has to wait for approval. That won't come before his 90 day visa expires. Thanks for any help !
  3. eww...that's scary. This has more to do with less serious situations that a group of people are discussing and no one seems to have answers. For example, what if someone is hired for a few weeks to help do a job, not as a subcontractor but as a worker with set hours following directions of the owner or contractor? Or someone who is hired off and on for a week or two at a time, depending on need? Or a household helper that works for two or three people - can these people share the caja payment? Can one person hire them and pay, then "sub" them out to the others? If a person is hired for (say) a month to help landscape as a subcontractor, does the owner have to verify that they already have caja? What if a worker has caja through a spouse already? Etc. etc.
  4. Does anyone know the consequences of not paying into caja for laborers, construction helpers, gardeners and/or domestic helpers ? (If found out) (No lectures, please. There are circumstances that don't need to be explained here, I'm not writing for myself and not trying to get away with anything.)
  5. Thank you...That is helpful. Does anyone know the consequences if a worker is hired for just a few months and caja is not paid? and if the time is extended, can the payment be made retroactively? Basically - does caja need to be paid while checking out someone's work?
  6. I have some questions about hiring temporary workers for construction. I have found general information, but not for this kind of work. Since there is an end to the time of construction, is there a special contract that applies? If some employees are only needed for short spurts of time, what is the employer obligated to pay? I see that if an employee is terminated with just cause then the employer still needs to pay severance pay - but for no just cause (meaning a layoff or end of work?), vacation and aguinaldo and vacation. What is considered just cause, besides the obvious - stealing, lying, etc? If an employee quits because he/she finds another job - ? Even if their job starts the day after they quit, the employer is obligated to pay severance pay in addition to vacation and aguinaldo? If an employee quits or is laid off before working three months, what are the obligations of the employer? Thanks in advance
  7. Jamieanne

    death of ARCR and forums

    Gayle, OH...I see...you're moving to Pt. Vallarta! nice. we spent a few Christmas's in Sayulita, a 20 min. bus ride north. LOVED it there! and the towns to the north of that...maybe a bit gringo-ized but still really nice. And the Mexican food - especially compared to here - a big big plus. How hard is it to become residents ? Local FB discussion groups are great for learning what's up and who's who in your own area. You can always hide those pics of funny cats, grandkids and pictures of greasy dinners - or worse, empty dirty dinner plates!
  8. Yep - to each her own. Rice cooker = go outside and don't worry about it. Never crunchy, always juuuustttt right. Especially the integral. The pressure cooker does beans in about 10 minutes. No soaking, go outside and don't worry about boiling dry. I'm sure you're much better at watching pots than I am... but for me, less energy, more freedom. We cook soups all the time - no matter what the weather. If Oso is bringing stuff down, then why not bring a good quality, less expensive appliance? What the heck is with the comment 'just get over it'... ? Possibly inappropriate... I don't feel too diplomatic right now, which gets one into trouble, but this is one too many times. While you often have great observations and advice, over the years I have often experienced your pompous, self righteous proclamations in response to other posters as well as myself. I feel compelled to state that I agree with Paul...you're so often ready to jump in and dis people...Why don't you just state your opinion rather than making wrong then stating..." BUT, to each his own? " It's the same as "You suck, haha, just kidding"... It's very unpleasant and off-putting and it drives people away from this forum.
  9. It might also be useful to hear about what people think is absolutely essential to bring. For me - shoes. Good ones are hard to find - especially hiking boots. Like you said, Oso, good knives and a couple of good pans. Also, a decent rice cooker and a slow cooker for those never ending beans. (You can get here, but the quality is far less for much more money) I have an "Insta-Pot" which is an all in one - pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and more! Best thing ever.
  10. elosodelcerro - I'd like to make a suggestion. We, like you are planning, came with everything on the plane. (Frontier at the time had a great luggage policy) We bought heavy duty rubbermaid type containers instead of suitcases (there is one size that matches the dimensions allowed). we filled each up to 50 pounds, drilled a few holes around the edge through the container and lid, and used zip ties to secure. We taped zip ties to the underside of the lids so that the people checking could (and did) re-secure them. They stack nicely for pushing around on those airport carts instead of having different size suitcases that flip flop all over the place. Now we have a bunch of water and air tight containers that are most useful for all kinds of things. They're even much less $$ than buying old suitcases at thrift stores. The heavy more pliable containers are better that the rigid plastic, which can break when being tossed around.
  11. We signed up for Claro, and were very disappointed. We did not get what we were told was available by the salesperson. The schedule is difficult to navigate and you spend much time searching with the remote instead of being able to look up programs/times. It is impossible to tell if programs are in English or Spanish (for example, some are listed in one language but broadcast in the other). The customer service was worse than terrible, even with fluent Spanish. Long long call waits, consistently bad connections, and it seemed that the "customer service" agents were trained to not hear, and to answer questions in a very aggressive manner - often not even answering the questions asked. There is a year long contract, with much fine print. If you have an equipment problem or decide to cancel when the contract is up, you have to drive all equipment to a main center. (not where you signed up, and for us the closest place was 1.5 hours away) So...I'd say find a different way.
  12. Carol - I have a gold card (it took 3 months) and use it for the bus, tho your cedula will do for that just as well. How do you use it for cuts in line? And do you feel ok about that? What other benefits have you found?
  13. Jamieanne

    ¿Dónde está "Legs"?

    If that's the case, I'd like him to know that he is much appreciated! I find him to be smart, funny, insightful and usually spot on.
  14. Jamieanne

    Receiving Mail

    linlewhammond, I use Aerocasillas occasionally. They ship my mail/packages to the local bus station rather than having me go to the nearest facility, which is a distance away. I get an email notification and tracking number when the articles are sent... Also, there are reliable mail forwarding services who will sort, scan and email, forward, shred per your instructions. I'd bet an internet service would turn a few up in your area!
  15. Paul - the name has been edited into the post. Thanks!

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