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  1. Thanks for the reply, Is Serengeti gun shop still around ?? I cannot seem to find any info on them. I really want a glock 19 and they do not seem to be available in CR. Anyone know of what is available in CR, comparable and reliable to a 19 which is considered a compact 9mm but still a decent size and three finger grip.
  2. I am a permanent resident and will be flying back in December from San Francisco to San Jose. I want to bring a handgun with me, I know I have to make a declaration at the San Francisco airport and have it in a locked case in my checked baggage and the boxes of ammo in another suitcase. My question is do I just need to declare it to Customs when I arrive in San Jose !! or do I need additional paperwork from Costa Rica before leaving the States. I know customs will hold it it until it has been registered in CR and then release it after the tests for safety and physco test. Has anyone done this lately !! if so please let me know what you had to go through. I want to bring a glock 19 which cost $540 in California and $1100 in CR. Also any idea of the import Tax etc Thanks Roger
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