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  1. Thanks, Ciclista...Isn't the catastro an official land document (survey)? I suppose if I wanted to buy additional footage, I would need to have a new one done anyway.
  2. As far as getting the land surveyed...isn't the catastro enough for the lawyer? I thought the lawyer/notary basically would do all of the due diligance such as verifying the property, check liens, etc.? Annelise, you really sound like you love your place. And your neighbor has the right idea...take your time, develop the land and wait to see where the ideal spot is to place the house. I hope I have the opportunity to do the same. It's a dream right now that I hope I can turn into a reality.
  3. Hi AnneLise, I think exactly as you. It would be very easy to just rent a month here, a month there, until retirement...but it's not the same as owning a piece of land to do with what you want. I would like to purchase something while I can afford it. I have seen how much land has gone up in price since the 90's, much of it far more than I want to spend. A house at this time, isn't necessary. If I may ask, do you live there now, have a house on your land, or do you just visit the land when you are in CR? And does someone watch over your property? What town are you in? I plan on looking in many areas on this upcoming trip. I will take my time. I actually already found a parcel last year and will again look at it this year to see if it is big enough. And, yes, that is a great suggestion about the tree formation. The realtor told me the same thing that it's easy to tell how strong the winds are as well as the direction. Thank you for your reply.
  4. Thank you, Paul. Yes, I would make sure to have someone keep an eye on it, plus visit it each time we went. Actually, the lot I found last year (through the inn keeper we stayed with) is being sold by one of her former employees, now a good friend. And he said he would be glad to keep an eye on it as his mother lives next door. I think I read that after a year of squatting, it is quite difficult to have someone removed. Lots of things to think about.
  5. Ciclista, I found your suggestions similar to my goal. While the others say "just rent", that is fine, but it really doesn't address the investment side of it. My idea was that of Ciclista...not spend a fortune on a piece of land, and certainly not buy a house right now, but more to find a good deal and sit on it. It is true that in 15 years my plans may change. But wouldn't it be nice to have a piece of property that will most likely appreciate in value during that time? I have 10-15 years to contemplate what I want to do with the land and, if my plans change, I can sell it. Again, after 10 years, I can't imagine a piece of property with a beautiful lake view just outside of town can go down in value. Right now, I'm looking at it as an investment. It can always be sold. It's like would you buy Apple stock at $300+ per share now or would you have rather bought it at $40 per share a number of years ago. That being said, which areas do you find to be the least windy and rainy on the NW and SW side of the lake that aren't too far out of a town? I was also told to keep an eye on the trees and see if they are standing straight or leaning and deformed--supposed to be a good way to tell how windy a particular area is. Thank you for your opinions.
  6. I am new to the forum, so not quite sure how it operates. I have been visiting CR for some years and have traveled up and down the Pacific coast as well as Central Valley and to the Arenal area. While I love all of it for 'visiting', we particularly like the Nuevo Arenal area for retiring. It's clean, has stores, banks, etc., as well as some Americans. It is 15 years to retirement, but thought I'd buy a small piece of land in the area (prices are only going up). Questions...I get conflicting advice on areas. Since we'd be there half a year during the US winter, I'd want the driest and least windy area. I want great views of water and volcano, etc. I really like the Nuevo Arenal, Aguacate area and have been told it gets much less wind. Realtors have suggested Tilaran, Tronadora, San Luis. I can't seem to find much info on weather there. Can anyone suggest a particular area on the NW or SW side of the lake that would be a good place to look? We contemplated buying an old, cheap place and fixing it up (seems like far less red tape), but the houses are quite tiny and want to have some land, too. We know people in the area, so they could keep an eye on the place. Any suggestions on which areas of that side of the lake to look? And any idea on price per sq meter for land over on that side? I've seen it any where from $17 to $50 per sq mt. We're going in early November for 2 weeks and will be meeting with a few different realtors. Any suggestions you can provide would be wonderful! Thanks.
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