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  1. I, too, have been searching far and wide for coconut oil. It was the oil I used for cooking in the U.S. It has become very popular for its health benefits. The nurse here may be confusing unrefined coconut oil with refined, I am not sure, but it is a very healthy oil. I use EVOO for salads but coco oil for everything else. I found a small jar of coconut oil at Bio Salud in Multi Plaza that had a label with very limited info, and did not appear to be virgin. It was a beige color and quite spendy for the size. I plan to return to CR in late Jan and was thinking about bringing some very large tubs of virgin coconut oil to distribute in jars to individuals here. The oil itself lasts about 2 years. I would love to open a health food store here but that is a pipe dream for me. The health food stores here are a joke.
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