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  1. My Spanish is not the greatest, but it is getting better because I use it a great deal more now that I am living in CR and not in south Florida. I took three years of night school Spanish in south florida and the subject of pronunciation came up regularly. Many of the students had traveled and studied abroad and came from various parts of the USA & Europe were Spanish was spoken. Our "professora" was a Cuban who had been teaching these courses for fifty years and had a handle on many of the variations. Our text book was written by a Tica (Madrigal) and had been in print for some 60 years. The emphasis was on Spanish as it was spoken in the western hemisphere since most students would encounter more Latinos from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guatamala, etc. then from Spain. We were introduced to all sorts of pronunciations and different word usages. From all of that I discovered that "ll" at the begining of a word can be pronounced either as a "y" or "j". Not true if the "ll" is in th body of the word. Then it is "y" sound. I have asked ticos about this and was told the "y" sound was correct but I do hear it the other way. We went so far as to not even study the second person plural ;vosotros. The text mearly placed it's study at the end of the book. It's usage is fast becoming archaic. In some countries the usage of "tu" is relegated to close friends and family where in other countries if it is not used with someone you just met and "usted" is used instead, they think that you are aloof and unfriendly. Any way you use the pronunciation, they will understand you. Case in point; "ser" versus "estar". I dont know if I will ever get that right and remember to use the proper word at the correct time but the ticos seem to understand me. That's patience for you.
  2. In light of a conversation I had recently with a tica who wanted to visit the U.S.as a tourist,I find the promotion for obtaining a visa somewhat ironic. This lady is single, has two adult children and owns her own home and a job. She was denied a visa twice. The embassy said she did not have strong connections to CR and might not come back if she were granted a visa as a tourist. This was done after 9/11 but I still can't understand it. Has anyone else heard of such an experience?
  3. Your point is well taken about mearely being in the planning stage; how could I recommend her? First, she comes highly recommended by friends who have had her handle several real estate transactions and all went well. Second, she has prepared some legal documents for me thus far in addition to the closing on my resent property purchase. This may be to her credit or not but she was partially educated in the U S, speaks excellent English and comes from a family with a legal background. Now, this is coming from a person who has had his fill with attourneys and the legal system in the U. S. Again, your point is well taken and I should have made a better explanation.
  4. I am in San Isidro and am in the planning stages for acquiring property and building a house. If you contact me at my email address I can recommend a competant attorney. stonwrks@bellsouth.net
  5. I exchanged old notes at BN last week in San Jose and at the air port. No problem. Rudy
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