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  1. I actually looked into this initial "statement" its a email rumour mill. Look up snopes.com. In a nutshell yes you can "try" and use bug spray but the results will vary as to what brand your using whereas pepper spray has been tested and designed for use on humans and there are sprays out there that will achieve the 20 ft distance your after. If your going to consciously prepare yourself for self defence I think pepper spray may be a better bet. As far as if it is legal to use here? I don't know, it was illegal to use it in Australia so you'd need to be careful about the local laws. cheers Skip
  2. I loved Marsrox comment, and from what I see and have experienced, feel the same way. My rent is about 4% annual return of what the owner is asking as a sale price. But with no real capital gains to speak of. I feel this was a good place years ago but has thoroughly been exploited by rich western people making a quick buck in the real estate. I still enjoy it here and it gives my kids a chance to have a relationship with their uncles and grandparents. But i can see the sense in not tying up your cash in a very slow market, and in my opinion unimpressive returns. Of course each to their own, what works for me may sound ludicrous to others. The above comments are only my opinions. cheers
  3. I agree with Costaricafinca, some nice gated communities that are full of tico's too. Also prepare to haggle. I offered 400 bucks less than what they asked, and they took it. Also if your prepared to pay 6 months in advance that goes along way for dropping the price. ( my experience) Anyways happy hunting Cheers
  4. my experience is as follows: We got in contact with an agent they showed us many places yet most were more expensive than realistic. Eventually we were driving in an area which we liked and began just asking the locals if any rentals were available in the area. And we got one much cheaper than the agent was showing us and actually nicer too. Maybe there are agents that are great, but they need to make a living and it will be at YOUR expense. I ended up near Guacima, Alajuela. I like it. Cheers
  5. Awesome rant, I love this "free" entertainment....... and knowledge of course. Hey that bit about the NO homeschooling threw me for a loop. was planning on putting my girls through primary school then home school the rest. Oh well. As always, on this information Hwy the billboards are informative and the scenery is awesome. Cheers to all Skip
  6. Wow 20,000 for a water tank sounds expensive. Must of been a complicated build, or difficult location?
  7. eleanorcr - very well spoken and bang on! and if someone doesn't appreciate what this forum is about or how it has helped countless people........ i guess they won't be much of an asset to ARCA or to this little community. rward - take your cranky pants off and focus on some positives peace skip
  8. My wife went to CR a year ago and did some stuff, Highly recommend Christian A Rivera Paniagua. Clinica integral. He is a certified plastic surgeon Hospital La Católica Calle Blancos, San José, Costa Rica. Phones: (506) 2228-3428 / (506) 2246-3000 Ext: 100-102-104 Fax: (506) 2281-3538 http://plasticarivera.com/contact/contact.php any other Q's let me know cheers skip
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