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  1. Sorry it has taken so long to get back we were moving. I had our pictures taken at a photo shop in San Ramon. Most if not all of these places know what size etc. As for bathroom rooms---we went in the side with the long lines and the security check point. After leaving there you can walk straight ahead and there is a bano at the far end.
  2. We renewed our passports the other day and thought I would share the process in case any one is approaching their own dead line. First go to the US Embassy web-site and down load a renewal form. You need to also set an appointment at this time.There is very little to the form but it is a must have for each passport. With it , a copy of your appointment, old passport, and $121.00 per passport you go to San Jose. From San Ramon there is a little shorter way to get to the Embassy than the way I go, but it is hard to miss the land marks my way. I take Hy1 toward San Jose until I see the Hilton Crown Plaza on my right. I turn right, then left at the big Football Stadium. The second street on your right is 104. There is no sign but there is a tall apartment building on the corner. Stay on 104 in the right lane until you see the Embassy.(it is a good ways to the Embassy but it is to large to miss) Turn right at the light before the Embassy and there is parking on your right. There will be a long line outside, do not stand in the line. Walk up to the guard at the door and show him your appointment, he will have you stand to side of the entrance. In two weeks or less you will get an e-mail saying you can pick up your new passport. Believe it or not this will take longer to do than when you applied for it. They do not call pick ups until everybody else has been served. Plan on 11:00 am. That's all it is to it. Good luck Ed & Janie
  3. I guess there are a lot of you who have used the Correos to send stuff back to the States or wherever you are from, but last month was my first time. I had a Tablet that was broken and needed to go back to the manufacturer. The only problem I had was finding something to ship it in. It is not like I could run down to the UPS Store and buy a box and packaging. Anyway, it all worked out fine and for $10.00 the company received my package 20 days later. Which was how long they said it would take. I was surprised and very pleased with the service.
  4. I'm sure that the USA, Canada and many other countries have the pocketbook and more experts to check these drugs than CR. I'm speaking of approved drugs imported from first world countries not some backwater lab in Asia. The US government closed down online buying of drugs from Canada and used the same excuse, that the drugs were not approved by the FDA. It was a lie. The same drug could be bought in the states but for 3-4 times as much, it was about the money and I have to wonder if that is not the case here also. If the drug company does not pay off someone to get their product approved---then it doesn't come to Costa Rica.
  5. The only way we could afford the price they charge for drugs in the states is get back on Part "D". You get the same drug in Canada for what it cost in the states for your co-pay. With CAJA going up and the cost of the drugs we buy on the local market, plus we have $106 each in medicare cost plus $300. a month for our supplemental, which I'm very glad we didn't drop. I'm sure a lot she will need is going to come out of our pockets and somewhere there is a tipping point. Thanks for your kinds words.
  6. I know I live in a third world country and all that. Most things in CR don't bother me. If I need to go to CAJA I take a book or just watch the people. The prices on just about everything is high, but it was my choice to live here so that is part of the cost---not that big of a deal. Medicine however is another story. I don't fault the CAJA for not carrying all the brands of drugs that are available in the states or other countries. In fact we buy some of our meds on the local market, while not cheap we are able to get them. The problem comes when there is no place in CR to buy the medicines you need. There is nothing lost by any CR business or government agency by allowing Ticos or Expats to buy drugs over the internet. If a CR doctor writes a prescription for a drug that is not available here, why does the government place a heavy tax and burden for getting it someplace else? It is not a TV or computer or something else a person can do without. In a news letter from Fran and Andy one of the reasons they are leaving CR is Fran has an eye disease that requires a drug that is not available. My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a few weeks ago and I'm afraid we will be faced with the same decision as Fran and Andy. As of right now the drug that CAJA has worked fine, it has been around since 1935 however. The newer drugs that she will be needing one day are not here. I guess what is--is. Government here is not much different than in the states---if they do something that helps the people it is by accident. Ed
  7. Sounds more like smoking while standing in gasoline. I also believe the Constitution says something about free speech and the right to assemble....so why the drama? Let them have their little march and go home, by the next day nobody will remember it unless a bunch of bikers make a fool of themselves.
  8. We have our cedula/ caja and everything else but a piece of paper from a CPA. I even had a friend whose family had been banking with them forever/business and private---still no go without the CPA. I might not like paying that much money anyway, but if they just charged me right there in the bank and took care of it; I would at least think I was getting something for my money. PS The lady that does this at the bank is off today.
  9. I tried to open an account with BCR---had all my info. Even a letter from the SS office. Going to try an meet up with them today after being sent to a CPA for a letter saying what my income was. They used the same info. I had showed the bank to fill out the paperwork. As we are opening 2 accounts one for my wife and one for me-we had to have 2 sets at $50.00 each. I know I get taken a little about every time, I buy something and I don't mind paying a little gringo tax. But I felt this was a little over the top.
  10. Here is his web-site: http://moristotle.blogspot.com/ I think you might enjoy it. They get a little too deep for me sometimes---but if you're into deep thinking, you'll enjoy it. Tell him Ed Rogers sent you.
  11. You don't know a fellow by the of Morris Dean do you? He and I believe his wife taught at the U. Ed
  12. Does any one know of a Camera Shop or someplace in San Ramon that carries chargers for cameras. On our little trip back to the States our unit got misplaced and I can't find what I'm looking for on line. Or if you have an e-mail or web site of one anywhere in CR. Thanks, ed
  13. Sorry to change the subject, but does anyone know if they sell dental adhesive in Costa Rica and where they sell it?
  14. We caught the Pres last night but the hook-up on USATVNOW went out and missed the end of the speech. Good movie, problem is the people that should hear it, believe it is one more left-wing lie and keep drinking the kool-aid.
  15. "We decided to bring her to Costa Rica with us & she also had a bad reaction to the shots...she died about 6 weeks after we arrived in Costa Rica. She was 13 but in perfect health up until she was vaccinated that last time." I had no idea something like that would happen; I had never heard of it happening before. And, you are all right, when an animal is with you for a long time they become a part of your life and it hurts when they are gone. I'm sorry so many of us share this pain, but we can get some comfort, knowing our pets were loved and cared for while they were here. Thank you for your kind words.
  16. Thanks all. He started a fever and couldn't get over it. The Vet did blood and X-ray said the cat was in perfect health, but he was dying. I took him to a Vet to get his kitten shots and for a 11 years he did fine; this was the first time he had been back to a Vet. This is the last one. We lived on a farm for 14 years and one of the reasons we moved was I got tired on putting our animals down. I still start to get up from my chair and look to make sure I don't step on him. One more thing to leave in the States.
  17. Some of you will remember the on going saga about how to get your pet to CR, which went on far too long. However, I do have a update for those using United. While it is true that United requires you to ship your pet as cargo and use PetSafe to arrange the shipment and a broker to meet you at customs. After buying a shipping container which the airline would approve---I sent my app. off to PetSafe.(As a side bar, I took my cat to get his shots for the trip, while waiting for a reply. Something happened with the shot and my cat is dead. That is why it has taken me so long to post.) Anyway, I get a reply from PetSafe; it seems where United uses a feeder airline, that airline's rules apply. The airline here allows you to carry on you pet in a pet container. And, the pet stays in it all the way to CR. Makes no sense but if you are catching a feeder to a United Hub, check with the local airline. My container went out yesterday. I have never been so happy to see something head down the highway. A party Sat. at my daughter's----then a week long farewell tour and on Sept. 5 we catch the big bird South. Pura Vida, Ed & Janie
  18. I don't believe there is anywhere in my posts, I gave my endorsement for the using or even owning of a fire arm. The fact is there are more fire arms in the States than there are people---you would have to be crazy not to think that is wrong. I bought mine from people who worked for me and ask me to buy them. There are 3 of them I have never shot, and, will not miss them at all. The State of Tn. passed a law not long ago, which allowed you to carry a gun while in a bar as long as you were not drinking. Most people go to a bar to drink---booze and guns---the wild west rides again.
  19. I have a son-in-law in Hernando MS who will become the new owner. I don't know how I ended up with so many. We lived on a farm for 14 years and I carried a 22 for snakes. Next think I knew, I had a 25> Super 38> and a 357 plus 2 shotguns. And I belong to the party they keep saying is going to take your guns away.LoL
  20. Believe it or not, it's the price of a gun, is the cause of problem. Growing up, few people had guns or if they did it was the head of the house and it was only one. They did not have the spare money to buy toys. And, to most men that is what a gun is, a toy to show off to their friends. The more guns that are bought---the more they make. Hell, I have 4 in the house right now and I support gun control. As long as there is a NRA, the USA will pump out as many weapons as the market will buy. It's insane, but only one of many insane things that are going on. They load my container the !4th and on Sept. 5 I get out of the nuthouse. See you soon!!!!!
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