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  1. Well Ron, at least on this one issue I would have to agree with you. Another example of the Washington politicians serving corporate America rather than the good of the people. Oh wait, I forgot, corporations are people too... It may surprise some that Big Pharma is far and away the biggest spender of lobbying dollars in Washington, almost doubling the spending of Big Oil.
  2. Jeffery, thanks for the info... Sorry about your disability, I hope that you're at least able to enjoy life here in CR! As we've said earlier, the ACA is by no means a perfect system. Sounds like you were screwed even more before ACA with COBRA.
  3. David, that's what I was trying to say, just not quite as articulately as you. One single payer system, serving the young, the old, and all in between, resulting in the elimination of the VA health care system and all it's many problems. I'm sorry but I've just never been a believer that our health care system is best served by a for-profit business model. Hasn't always been that way...
  4. David and Dana, I totally agree with your responses above, too many people have bought into the incessant and mostly erroneous objections to the ACA. As you stated, it is by no means a perfect system. No major piece of legislation is perfect as first implemented, and improvements should always be expected (if only we had a Congress that was willing to work for the people instead of working to remain in office by any means necessary). I also totally agree that some form of a single payer system (Medicare for all) would be preferable, and should not have been taken off the table even before negotiations began. I would even take it a step further and argue that the VA system could be rolled into the same single payer system, in a special category requiring no premiums to the veterans, thus eliminating or greatly reducing much duplication of resources.
  5. Jeffery, if I may ask, can you give any details as to your coverage before the ACA? Cost? Deductibles? Co-pays? I was under the impression that the President relented and allowed individuals under certain circumstances to keep their current policies? Just curious...
  6. Gates open at 11am and the event ends at 4pm. Cost to attend is 3,000 colones per person, children under 10 free.
  7. Eleanor is right on... There are B&B's pretty much all over the Central Valley. I would recommend going this route until you find the area that is right for you. Good luck!
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