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  1. I believe that if you are already affiliated individually, you can't change to the group plan. Is that correct?
  2. ramsey

    CAJA Renewal

    We renewed at Caja in Atenas yesterday. We handed him our old carnets, our new cedulas, and our current residence address. We had our new marriage certificate document with us, but did not offer it to him and he never asked for it. That was it, in and out in 10 minutes with our new carnets.
  3. Don't know why you couldn't just use the address at the hotel where you are staying, since that's where you're staying? You will have to pay a very small fine for every month past the 90 days that you delay at migracion. It's been about 3 years since we did this, and our attorney, who is very experienced and knowledgable, told us at the time that it was most likely we could delay but that migracion had the right if they so chose to make us start the whole process over. As you may learn here, there is never ever ever a 100% solid answer for anything Pura Vida!
  4. ramsey

    Help getting started for CR

    T&VSmith, on 15 Mar 2016 - 3:00 PM, said: The $60,000 is done twice (two years apart). There is no guarantee as to when your permanent residency will take place but it is a 3 year MINIMUM in the case of a Rentista. so I guess I can save up and then do this if I still have the $$$. Understand that the $60,000 deposited will be set up so that you will receive $2,500 per month over the two year period. It's not like you have to deposit the money and leave it untouched. At the end of two years, you will do it again.
  5. ramsey

    Television in CR

    Doppelt, if you have a friend or relative back home that wouldn't mind, maybe you could go with a sling box solution and watch your hometown local tv to your heart's content. Or maybe just chill... Pura Vida
  6. Aside from no longer required to show proof of income, what other advantages/benefits are there for converting from pensionado to permanente? Not sure it's worth the additional fees?
  7. Hey guys, everyone here is talking as if Florida is only the point of origin for shipping to Costa Rica. It was never a concern for me personally, but I do seem to recall from earlier threads on this forum that there were shippers that worked from the west coast to the Pacific port in Puntarenas? Maybe I was just dreaming...
  8. Thanks, CMinCR... That's pretty much what I had gathered as well. Do you know if you are still required to renew your "permanent" residency periodically, or is it actually a one-time permanent thing?
  9. Can anyone explain the advantages/benefits of permanent residency over pensionado temporary residency? We will be eligible very soon to make the conversion, but I'm not convinced it's worth the effort and expense? Thanks for your input...
  10. ramsey


    I wonder if the 3 months initial payment may possibly have been an ARCR requirement when paying through their group rate, and not at all a CAJA requirement?
  11. Strange... Have you tried using a different browser?
  12. Hi Dave, May be worth a try to clear out your cookies, if you haven't already done so?
  13. Well Ron, at least on this one issue I would have to agree with you. Another example of the Washington politicians serving corporate America rather than the good of the people. Oh wait, I forgot, corporations are people too... It may surprise some that Big Pharma is far and away the biggest spender of lobbying dollars in Washington, almost doubling the spending of Big Oil.
  14. So, your alternative is what? Be interested to hear...
  15. Jeffery, thanks for the info... Sorry about your disability, I hope that you're at least able to enjoy life here in CR! As we've said earlier, the ACA is by no means a perfect system. Sounds like you were screwed even more before ACA with COBRA.

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