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  1. I'm not sure about the automatic 50% as I was already 50% owner of the assets with the corporate set-up. My husband's 50% will go through probate - my attorney said it's just a time thing, no worries about losing access to that 50% (based on, I assume, there being no one who would challenge ownership). I believe you are correct that it is just paperwork fees when it comes to the transfer of the shares from my deceased husband to my living adult son. Jessica
  2. Patty, My husband passed away in January. We did not have a will & we were each 50% owners of the corporation that owns our house. His 50% has to go through probate, I cannot transfer the shares to my adult son until that process is complete. So, you need to meet with your attorney to begin that process. The very first step is getting the corporate books to the attorney (if you have them) so they can confirm the set-up of the corporation because there are legal steps (like a shareholder's meeting) that has to happen if the corporation wasn't set up a certain way. Excuse the vagueness, I'm not an attorney but this is what I've been focusing on cleaning up for the last month so I can at least tell you that you are not able to do what you've suggested, you must have an attorney straighten it out for you. Jessica
  3. Goodness, I couldn't imagine living on Paseo Colon. But that's just me & my preference, my house is at a beach town in the Central Pacific so I'm definitely not drawn to that type of city living. When I lived in Escazu, I enjoyed living in San Antonio de Escazu (up the mountain, above Escazu Centro, & it's like a different world up there in comparison to San Rafael de Escazu). I do think Sabana is a great park for running - I have a friend who runs it almost daily - so I'd say check out Sabana Sur, where he lives, to start. Jessica
  4. I bought my esposo a ticket to fly in tomorrow through New Year's so he can surf/rest! I wish we were all going but I didn't plan it far enough ahead to have it work with everyone's schedules (i.e. teenagers with jobs). Jessica
  5. Bejuco, which is the beach immediately next to Esterillos Este. Jessica
  6. eleanor is correct & put the point I tried to make in plain English. Successful rentals in our area have everything to do with the location, the existence of very trustworthy property managers living in our neighborhood (living there means they want good renters), & the fact that it has become an up & coming "hot" area due to lower prices but close proximity to some of the top tourist destinations in the Central Pacific. Jessica
  7. I have many neighbors who rent their homes out. Most do it to break even - rent it enough to cover all operating costs & vacation in it for free. A few seem to be making some money from it. We're at a beach in the Central Pacific that is halfway between Jaco & Quepos. Short-term rentals from VRBO & AirBnB seem to be the preferred method to gaining renters - I do have a few neighbors who will only rent to long-term renters & have no issues finding them. The ones who are savvy about this type of thing will literally have their townhome booked solid for the entire high season & well into the June/July/August months with US vacationers on summer vacation. Jessica
  8. I have a friend who sells real estate in the Tamarindo area - Murray Greer - he used to be my neighbor in Playa Bejuco (south of Jaco). http://www.solrealtycr.com/ Becky Clower also has a good rep - http://bluewaterpropertiesofcostarica.com/ Jessica
  9. When we shipped our flat screen with our container, we paid to have a few things professionally packed & the flat screen was one of those things. They packed it standing & advised us to pack it in the container the same way. Jessica
  10. I don't ever buy tickets, but did for Saturday & did again for tomorrow. I don't think Bernie will let me buy him an election though. Jessica
  11. We're in FL until Saturday & we're going to buy tickets for the Wednesday Powerball drawing - I'd love to return to CR a billionaire Jessica
  12. Our AyA isn't computerized yet & they quit allowing us to pay in advance...maybe ours will be computerized soon? Esterillos really isn't THAT rural... Jessica
  13. Cable Tica allows for setting up an automatic payment with your credit card for internet/cable. I'm not aware of ICE or AyA offering this (AyA is not an online option in our area yet so we have a friend paying our bill for us when we're not there). We pay all of our other bills through BCR's online payment system. Jessica
  14. I totally understand going private in a situation like that, eleanor. I'm doing all my routine care in FL since it is covered 100% under my US health policy. I had an abnormal mammogram last month, so had to go immediately for a diagnostic mammogram & ultrasound (it was normal). Once I got through all the testing, one of my first comments to my husband was wondering what the timeline would've been through CAJA for the process. I'd have likely had to go private to get the turnaround time in CR that I had in the US. Jessica
  15. Paul - Under your BCBS, you very likely have an out of pocket maximum for your benefit year. Our Humana policy, for instance, has an out of pocket maximum of $2500 as an individual ($5000 for family). As long as I use in-network providers for covered services, I'd never pay more than $2500 no matter the size of the bill. Jessica
  16. Also check craigslist - sometimes new arrivals will either give away or sell their moving boxes. Jessica
  17. They are fabulous...I tried many brands when I started jogging & Asics are the only ones I can literally wear right out of the box & not need a "breaking in" period. Jessica
  18. I wear Asics...but I've never bought them in CR. I have to buy new shoes when I'm in the States because I can rarely find my size (10) in Costa Rica. Jessica
  19. Thank you so much! Today I'm celebrating the 20th anniversary of my 21st birthday! Jessica
  20. I think I'd like to meet ronofboston & Legs in person for a cup of coffee one day...you guys crack me up! Jessica
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