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  1. ReevesTribe

    My broken heart...

    I am so sorry. I haven't been on the forums in nearly a year as I've been dealing with the fallout of the unexpected passing of my husband on New Year's Day in 2017. I thought I'd log in to see what is going on with the forum, only to read this first thing. It's almost like I was drawn back for this reason. You and I have corresponded for many, many years via this forum. I'm sorry that we now share the bond of widowhood but I can tell you now that I'm almost 15 months out that there is a light at the end of the grief tunnel. I'll forever be sad about my loss but I'm moving forward, one step at a time. I'm bringing the kids back to Costa Rica tomorrow for the first time since Chris' memorial service last March & I feel like I'm ready to join you guys again. Jessica (reevestribe)
  2. My neighbor's plan practically doubled from last year! They are looking to the BCBS option now available because their INS went up so drastically. Jessica
  3. I'm not sure about the automatic 50% as I was already 50% owner of the assets with the corporate set-up. My husband's 50% will go through probate - my attorney said it's just a time thing, no worries about losing access to that 50% (based on, I assume, there being no one who would challenge ownership). I believe you are correct that it is just paperwork fees when it comes to the transfer of the shares from my deceased husband to my living adult son. Jessica
  4. Patty, My husband passed away in January. We did not have a will & we were each 50% owners of the corporation that owns our house. His 50% has to go through probate, I cannot transfer the shares to my adult son until that process is complete. So, you need to meet with your attorney to begin that process. The very first step is getting the corporate books to the attorney (if you have them) so they can confirm the set-up of the corporation because there are legal steps (like a shareholder's meeting) that has to happen if the corporation wasn't set up a certain way. Excuse the vagueness, I'm not an attorney but this is what I've been focusing on cleaning up for the last month so I can at least tell you that you are not able to do what you've suggested, you must have an attorney straighten it out for you. Jessica
  5. For some reason my chipped US card does not seem to ever work at any gas station. No idea why. Anytime I call the credit union about it, they say everything is fine on their end & the issue is likely that the machines aren't updated as regularly as my chip is & there is a reader issue. Jessica
  6. I thought I'd share this with any of you who might be close to the Esterillos area. My husband of 21 years died on January 1, 2017, and we are having a memorial service and paddle out for him on March 20. Any and all are welcome to join us in the celebration of his life. We'll be in front of the Hotel Delfin around 3:30 p.m. to begin organizing and the paddle out will be around 4:00 p.m. mas o menos. We'll move to the Hotel Delfin afterwards for bocas, cervezas, and live reggae to continue the celebration of life. Jessica (aka reevestribe) Chris Reeves, 10/16/1973 - 01/01/2017 You're invited to join Jessica and her tribe in the celebration of the life of Chris Reeves: an amazing husband, father, son, brother, and friend. We're holding a paddle out in front of the Hotel Delfin in his honor at 4:00 p.m. There will be a reception immediately after at the Hotel Delfin with live reggae by Marswell. ____________________________________ Chris Reeves, 16/10/1973 - 01/01/2017 Te invitan a unirte a Jessica y sus hijos en la celebración de la vida de Chris Reeves: un marido, padre, hijo, hermano y amigo increíble. Surfeando en frente del Hotel Delfin en su honor a las 4:00 p.m. Habrá una recepción inmediatamente después en el Hotel Delfin con reggae en vivo por Marswell.
  7. ReevesTribe

    Hola! Still alive, still kicking.

    I'll say "hi" to you here, even though we've progressed to being friends not just on Facebook, but in real life! As you know, I'm flying in next week and Chris' memorial paddle out is on March 20. I haven't decided if we're going to drive up the morning of our flight back to Florida or if we'll stay at Vida Tropical the night before - if we do that, I'll let you know & maybe we can have one of our Jalapeños dates Jessica
  8. ReevesTribe

    Wills and Burials Questions

    The only money needed when dealing with the morgue is to buy the stamps that are placed on the death certificate. They are super cheap, like 300 colones, & of course the morgue doesn't sell them so you have to go to the funeral home down the road to get them. They were out of them the day I had to do this so the funeral home I used took care of those for me as well. The money paid to the funeral home covered any/all expenses related to the retrieval of his body & subsequent cremation, as I stated earlier, so no other money went to the morgue for the autopsy, etc. Jessica
  9. ReevesTribe

    Wills and Burials Questions

    My husband passed in Costa Rica recently, on New Year's Day. Because I brought his cremated remains back to Florida, I had to use certain US Embassy approved funeral homes. There are only 5 in the country & of those only 3 perform cremation. I used Jardines del Recuerdo & the cremation was 855,000 colones. They handled everything from retrieving Chris from the morgue, allowing a private visitation prior to his cremation, I chose the most expensive urn (so this could decrease the price for sure), & they handled all paperwork that came from the US Embassy and it was ready for me when his ashes were ready. We do not have a will in Costa Rica so I am meeting with my attorney in a few weeks to start the process of doing whatever I have to do to get our assets straight. Chris & I are the owners listed on each corporation that held our assets (house & a separate one for our car, which is a whole other issue as it now has a lien on it due to the car accident that occurred after he had a heart attack & lost consciousness while driving to the airport). Anyways, I do have one of my four children who is over the age of 18 so I intend to make him my second all my corporations. I will also begin the process of canceling Chris' residency & all that stuff once I have our CAJA set up under me & my own bank account separate from him. I'll be glad to let everyone know how all this goes. Jessica
  10. ReevesTribe

    Location! Location! Location!

    Check us out in the Esterillos area. My home is in Playa Bejuco. It is experiencing a boom right now so there might be more going on than you want, but I like the proximity to Jaco & Quepos/Manuel Antonio (I'm about halfway between them, 30 min either direction) & Parrita is a small Tico town that has most essentials. Only a 2-hour drive from SJO so I can fly from my home in FL out of MCO & be at my home in Bejuco by lunchtime. Easy travel day. Jessica
  11. ReevesTribe

    sending mail by courier

    DHL documents from my friend in Escazu this month: From Plaza Rohrmoser to me in FL was approximately 30k colones for 2nd day service. When I send them from FL to him via DHL, it is $86. I actually found out that UPS will deliver to Escazu next day for $92 so that was how I sent my last set of documents. UPS does not deliver back to FL, I don't think. Jessica
  12. ReevesTribe

    sending mail by courier

    Thank you. I will admit that while I expect hiccups in my life in Costa Rica, having the morgue mess up the death certificate - & then not want to correct it for me - was not one I expected. And of course there is only one person who can make those types of changes & they only work certain days of the week so nothing is happening quickly or easily right now. But we're working through it. I checked the DHL website & I can see that the letter went from San Jose to Panama City so tracking is definitely being updated on there. Jessica
  13. ReevesTribe

    sending mail by courier

    Dennis - My friend is DHL'ing the death certificate back to me as of yesterday & I immediately received a text from DHL letting me know it was on the way, that a signature is required for me to receive it, when to expect it, & it said I'd get a text 30 min before delivery. I will check routing info today to see if I can see any update & will also let you know if the text 30 min prior comes through (helpful since I have to sign to get it). Then, I get to DHL the death certificate back to my friend again, wait for him to have the morgue correct the spelling of my husband's name on the death certificate, then he will get to DHL it back to me again with certified copies that we hope will have the correct spelling of "Christopher." Yes, they spelled my husband's name wrong on the death certificate. I caught it & their remedy was to put an addendum on the death certificate with the corrected spelling. Unfortunately, places like insurance companies want to see a name spelled correctly so I'm having to do this back & forth via DL to get their mistake corrected in a way that is acceptable to the places I need to file the death certificate here in the States. Otherwise, I have to go to the morgue in person to do this & I truly hope to never have to go there again. Jessica
  14. Goodness, I couldn't imagine living on Paseo Colon. But that's just me & my preference, my house is at a beach town in the Central Pacific so I'm definitely not drawn to that type of city living. When I lived in Escazu, I enjoyed living in San Antonio de Escazu (up the mountain, above Escazu Centro, & it's like a different world up there in comparison to San Rafael de Escazu). I do think Sabana is a great park for running - I have a friend who runs it almost daily - so I'd say check out Sabana Sur, where he lives, to start. Jessica
  15. Paseo Colon in San Jose or do you mean Ciudad Colon? Jessica

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