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  1. Well, that's a shame because it is a good resource for those wanting to retire there. Maybe they have come to see all the free advice to be competition to their business model? After all, it *is* a business.
  2. Hmm... am I seeing a different site here in the USA? Edit: I want to make it clear that I really thought they could be serving different landing pages based on IP address locations. Not snark!
  3. Especially since the new ARCR home page has no link to it. Or am I missing it?
  4. If I may, Mark... where do you live (in general terms), and only $200/mo for groceries? I figured even for just me probably more like $300+. I base this on PZ and shopping mostly at the feria. But I don't have a lot of info to go on and I've only been there (CR in general) once so far. Thanks.
  5. Re FB. Please understand that I wasn't advocating anything. Just an observation. But yes, I spend way too much time there!
  6. I think FaceBook is sucking the life out of many forums. And many forums are actually migrating to Facebook.
  7. Sounds like one sweet setup Rick. The Mac does a good job of memory swapping with multiple apps open, and creates artificial ram with disk cacheing when it reaches it's limits. I haven't had many problems with 8gb but with 16gb and an SSD you'll be golden! I inherited my Mac from a print shop I was associated with. We bough all of our Macs used on eBay! Still chugging away.
  8. Rick, Here are a couple of screen shots show the answers to part of your questions. I know before I upgraded the ram there was a whole lot of cache reading and writing going on. Part of that may have been due to known issues with the Chrome browser.
  9. I'm on 10.10 but added 4gb to my existing 4gb because of memory problems. But I often have multiple programs open at the same time including InDesign, Photoshop, browsers, etc.
  10. FredS


    No, eleanor, I wasn't totally happy with it and I agree the listing was misleading. But I was alone and basically just needed somewhere to sleep. I was just trying to make the point that he has a geat angle, or "scam" if you will. I applaud his strategy to earn income from potential RE prospects. And technically, while not overtly making any false claims, it's what he doesn't say that disappoints. Would I recomend his place to a friend? No, not really.
  11. FredS


    eleanor, the building on the right in the first pic... https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/171700
  12. FredS


    I stayed in Quepos at an AirBnB listing and the guy who owns it is brilliant. First of all, he is in real estate (yeah, I know) and lives in the main house on the property which is beautiful and has a pool that you can use. His rental is what you think would be a freestanding garage until you walk through the door. One big room with tile floor, bed, rocking chair and nightstand. Vaulted ceiling and 2 ceiling fans. No AC. One wall faces the "jungle" and is 2 large sliding glass doors that open onto a balcony over the steep hillside. That's about it. Off the room is is a very nice adjoining bathroom with shower and other necessities. He can clean and have that room ready for the next guest in about 15 minutes. And I'm sure he has a steady clientele of potential RE buyers as guests. It's in a gated community within easy walking distance or a $2 cab ride to town. No kitchen. No TV. No muss. No fuss. That's how you do it!
  13. FredS

    Fear and Daunting

    I did a whole buch of weather research but I don't know how accurate it is. I looked at average monthly temps and rainfall exclusively. I found that Palmares (the one near San Ramon) and San Isidro (in PZ) stood out for somewhat less rainfall and more moderate average temps than many places.

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