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  1. It seems to have been an while since comments have been posted about real estate values - and the world economy has gone nuts in the meantime. I have watched the world markets sink beyond all expectations in the last few days - along with my stomach. I am cursious about what the current Costa Rica real estate markets looks like. How has the current world economic condition impacted real estate values in the various regions in Costa Rica. My husband and I have started thinking about retiring somewhere in Latin America - we are at the beginning of the due diligence process. I have read most of the posts on this blog and am surprised that so many US expatriots have found Costa Rica so difficult. I have lived in a number of other Latin American locations andI have a general idea of the cultural issues in many of these regions- but I always found expatriots to mostly enjoy thieir assignments without so much of the angst I see on these blogs. Have rents and sales prices appreciably changed in the last 2 or 3 years? Can we still realistically buy a comfortable retirement home for $200K or so? Is real estate selling faster than it was a few years ago (selling time 3+ years on the market)? What is it about the Costa Rica living that causes 60%+ of the US expats to cut and run? Thanks in advance for any comments that shed some light on these concerns for me.
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