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  1. I concur with the other replies. Power will cause most outages. The grid here is not stable. I have also noticed that RACSA ( the backbone ISP provider) does not schedule maintenance for 3 AM (as in the US), they will reboot a router mid-day and you will be down for 30 min while the router re loads and builds new routs. I can tell that they do not have redundant sets at prime locations. They don't do so well with DNS servers either. I do have autostart generator but because my last 15K provider is CablaTica there is still no link when the commercial power is off. My longest outage was three days when a CablaTica repairman in error disconnected my house. Took that long to get a service call. Fortunately my Tico neighbors let me use their DSL via WIFI. It's Costa Rica, Pura Vida! John -- Santa Barbara
  2. Any common wireless router that you are familiar with will do OK. If your place has concrete walls you will need an extra power type to get your signal to the far side. Netgear WNDR37AV. It would be best to bring a UPS. You will pay double if purchased here and the power goes off daily. Size it for your PC, router & Skype phone and you can still get calls when the light are out. Good Internet service is not ubiquitous here, so see proof (I mean real working proof) before you rent or purchase. You will pay 300% + .vs. what you pay in the US, if you ca get it. 3Meg = $ 50 /mo. It is common culture here that Ticos will tell you what you want to hear, may or may-not be true. You can bring anything in your airport luggage without import duties, except weapons, live food, seeds. If you are sending a container, fill it up! You can't get good recliners, couches, appliances will cost 200%. You can get good wood tables etc. but many times the wood is not kiln dried and will move in a year. John
  3. Bring everything you can (excluding firearm) in you luggage, otherwise it will cost you 150% or more if purchased here. JC
  4. And to add to what the others have said, if you are very lucky the poker servers you prefer may be here in Costa Rica (this week). You may be able to have built a point-to-point microwave link. I see many of these small, 1/2 m dishes pointing at the local telco towers. If you can get it, a private link is going to cost you more than $ 300 /mo. Welcome to a developing country. John
  5. You can do a www.speedtest.net both to CR and Florida. You are going to need about 2700 K to view 640 x 480 -- good at 2200 K standard definition. You will need 5Meg for full HD. You can start with your laptop. The better setup is a PC with a HDMI video card. You will need to do extra inside connections to get the sound from your sound card over on to the HDMI connection to your sound system or big screen TV. I use Windows-7, & Media Center and GoTrusted. I have the CablaTica 3Meg service that usually tests at 2.91 Meg. I view all of DishNetwork via a SlingBox in Denver, Netflix and HuluPlus when the SlingBox is down. I also have a TV card in the PC for the local CablaTica channels using the Media Center as my DVR. Good luck. John
  6. Yes, the SlingBox HD can transmit from a DVR. It has three inputs that you can select one at a time from the far end Sling Viewer program. Component(Used for HD), Composite (older TV and your front door camera), and Antenna. The Antenna is for the New OTA HD and many of the direct cable feeds are not compatible with the Antenna connection. Same room control of Cable or Satellite boxes/DVR is no problem.
  7. ARCR, There is a provision in the US Medicare sign up that could avoid the late sign up fees. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for International Volunteers. You have 6 months to sign up for Part A and/or Part B without a penalty, starting the first day of the month that one of these things happens: You’re no longer volunteering outside the United States. ■■ Your sponsoring organization is no longer tax exempt. ■■ You no longer have health insurance that provides coverage ■■outside the United States. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dose membership in ARCR qualify for this exemption? If not, do you know of an organization that does qualify? When I turn 65, I have a few years to go, I would like to avoid Paying Medicare part B, but still have the option of sing up if I should need a transplant. John
  8. Yes Jaimie, I use SlingBox from Denver Colorado. The Denver end is attached to a DishNetwork 722K DVR. The Internet at the Denver end is Comcast cable 21 meg down 12 Meg up. It is very important to have a big UP bandwidth. A real 5 meg or better for any HD. There is a 250 GB limit of total data for a month with Comcast. You can hit this limit. Each hour of TV uses about 1 GB at 640x480, good non HD, but can go to 6 GB per hr with full HD. The CR end of the network is CablaTica cable running at 3 Meg to my PC with HDMI card and the 46" TV. I can only get about 2400 kbps of of this 3 Meg service. It takes a perfect day to get any HD above 640x480. I could to to the 4 Meg cable service but that would be $100. I hopeful for the day when I can get 10 Meg for $50. I also have the common digital CablaTica service on the same line and a TV card in the same PC. I using Microsoft Media Center as a DVR for the direct cable service. I have had this up and running since the first of the year. There are other new options that I am watching for to get TV from other servers than my Denver SlingBox. You can email direct for more info. John. n0ure@yahoo.com
  9. Dan, I have Slingbox from Denver and it is OK. Denver is connected to DishNetwork 722K DVR on Comcast 10Meg UP 21Meg down service. The Comcast service in Denver is buffered but far more that I can use from CR. At this end I have CablaTica 3Meg /256k service. Raw test speed is 2.9 Meg but I'm lucky is I get 2.2 Meg with the Sling viewer. I can watch most shows at 1280/720 (low HD) but to keep 30 FPS for Football I have to drop to 640/480. This is not cheap, $50 + on CR end. At the source you need 5 Meg to see 4, and on the CR end it you have the $$ get the 4M / 640k service. or the 3 Meg for OK viewing. The CablaTica Internet service gets restarted about 3-4 times a day regardless of the weather, so have a DVR at the source. NetFlicks online works well once you get a good Proxy service to show a USA IP address. Check your location to make sure you have Good Internet download. I hear that some locations can get 3Meg DSL but you must be close to the telco office. John in Santa Barbara
  10. Other things to keep you busy: Bank accounts, one for US dollars and one for colones, with on-line access so that you can quickly capture good exchange rates. A CR corporation so that you can get cell and regular phones in corporate name. Some people get an SA corporation other get an SRL (LLC like, helps avoid CR probate) corporation. Corporation good place to move your car title. Use your new colones account to auto-pay your new phone bills to insure 'account activity'. Inactive accounts can be frozen. J.
  11. Or if you can get good high speed Internet > 3M, then you can look at Slingbox and control your current US service. John
  12. I use Go Trusted. It does cost and you will need to email support to ask for an address that will work with HULU. You can install it on more than one machine as long as you are only active on one machine at any time. The cost is $6 mo. It slows me down by about 100k. Here in CR you will need 1Meg service to get abt 700k net. 1.5 Meg would be better but is hard to get from the wires here. I'm looking to test someones Netflicks ID/PW. I can't use a regular account, as I don't have a good addr to ship to, just want the streaming. I would prefer just background download like Amazon library but Amazon is too expensive. Good luck. John n0ure@yahoo.com
  13. And Laura, you can even go farther in your setup. I have a skype 'In/OUT' number. This regular US (NNN-NNN-NNNN) from my home state. This allows anyone to call my Colorado in Skype number and it rings right here in my CR home. On this end I also have a pair of Linksys(CISCO) wireless-skype phones. These are wireless home phones with a matching wireless router that allow me to receive calls without having the PC on. They also work with the local phone number. This setup works well to keep my bank happy. When I call them they see my caller-ID as a Colorado number. Also this lets all my friends call me here in CR at no cost to them. I can also call any US/Canada number free, and as always, any Skype-to-Skype call is at no cost. The 'IN/OUT' US number costs me about $30 a year. The Linksys phones were abt $100, and unlimited US/Canada calls to real numbers costs about $3 a month. When I travel I turn off the house router and all my calls go to Skype voice mail. I get an email notification and can call anyone back from my laptop in the hotel. When I call Mom on Sunday I use the Laptop with the Web Cam. She likes to see my face. Technology is so much fun! Good luck. John
  14. ... (my wife desperately wants her American Idol show... I wouldn't mind seeing 24... CD, if you can get CablaTica they have a new HD FOX/Natgeo channel 512. 24 is on Sunday at 6 PM and again Tuesday at 6 & 7 PM. They also have ABC,CBS,NBC - not HD. John

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