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  1. lucybelle

    Shippers that are not Zeller?

    Thank you!!!
  2. We're right at 1.5 years. So yippee! I get to do residency again! Luckily, I have an employer this time who will actually do all the vueltas & tramites for me. I just gotta bring down my US docs and hand them over. I also need to find my CR driver's license. Hopefully it's easy to renew an expired one and I don't have to spend an entire day doing all those vueltas again.
  3. My esposo is dual USA/CR (yay!!!) He uses his USA passport to travel into and out of the USA. He uses his CR passport to travel into/out of CR. He uses his USA passport as proof that he can enter the USA when leaving CR. He uses his CR passport as proof he can enter CR when leaving the USA (without return ticket). Going to Brazil is always fun. USA requires visa, CR does not. He uses his USA passport to leave the USA with CR passport as proof he can enter Brazil. Uses CR passport to enter Brazil. Leaves Brazil with CR passport using USA passport as proof he can enter USA. Enters USA with USA passport. I don't know that I'll ever go for CR citizenship. There was definitely a benefit for my esposo to get USA citizenship, not so much for me getting CR citizenship. Except for to feel fancy Even the non-visa entry into Brazil seems moot since it would be easier and cheaper for me to simply get a visa. edit to add- I'm also just sick of doing residency and citizenship stuff. Two years of residency stuff for me in CR, five years of residency & citizenship stuff for the esposo, now I'm back to doing my residency stuff and I JUST WANT A BREAK!!!
  4. lucybelle

    Ship? Cargo? Checked bags?

    Thanks for the input! I think the price will be the same to bring everything down than to just buy it all again down there. I'm leaning towards doing the shipment. It'd sure be nice to bring down a car tax free! But I think the whole parts thing gets complicated. But I'm sure they have parts for a Honda Civic... I've asked for a quote from Charles Zeller and haven't heard back yet. Thanks again!
  5. lucybelle

    Ship? Cargo? Checked bags?

    Oh awesome! Thanks!! Yeah, the esposo wants his country back. I already have a job secured. I’m mostly stressed right now, but I’m getting more excited about the move as well.
  6. We're trying to decide whether to ship everything, send a few things cargo, or bring as much as we can via checked bags. We don't plan to bring large appliances like fridge or oven, we hope to find an apartment that has those things already. Our furniture is not that nice, but it's probably nicer than what we could get in CR for the price. I mainly am concerned about bringing some nice artwork, large mirrors, and all my kitchen appliances (blender, Kitchen Aid mixer, toaster oven, etc). Any opinions on what we should try to do?
  7. lucybelle

    We're back baybee!

    After a four year long hiatus, we will be moving back to Costa Rica. I'm more stressed than excited right now, but I know it's all for the best. When we moved years ago we had no furniture worth moving. Now we're going to need to decide whether it's better to ship all our stuff or buy everything when we get over there. I'm also already freaking out over flying my dog back, though she'll be happier there. She likes the warm weather. It's mid April and it was 30 degrees this morning! WTF Spring??
  8. lucybelle

    My broken heart...

    I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  9. lucybelle

    Costa Rica is Changing....

    Every generation thinks the younger generation is causing the world to go to hell in a hand basket. When I went back to CR in December of 2017 after being away for a year I honestly didn't notice much change. Sure, there were new restaurants, a few new traffic circles, but life seemed the same to me. The biggest change I noticed was in our old barrio they built a dog park! I was amazed and truly impressed!! I honestly feel like I see more change and development in my current USA city. I hadn't driven down our Main St in about a month and when I drove through the other day they were building ANOTHER giant apartment complex or office building or something. Sometimes I drive through other parts of the city and don't even recognize where I am because so much development has taken place. Chepe, on the other hand, is still Chepe.
  10. lucybelle

    Dealing with COSEVI

    Ugh that's so frustrating!!! You know I had a terrible experience with the lawyer who was supposed to be getting me residency. I guess they can't all be worthless pieces of... stuff, but in my experience they have been. I hope your lawyer pulls through for you!
  11. lucybelle

    Uber in CR

    On our recent trip to CR in Dec/Jan we used Uber 28 times (we have the receipts to prove it!) We love Uber. It's cheap, reliable, and the drivers are far more polite than taxi drivers. I used to have taxi drivers hit on me and be incredibly inappropriate. I felt unsafe and embarrassed. They would also try to take me the long ways to make the meter go up more since I'm gringa. In every Uber I took in CR they were kind, friendly, and incredibly safe. One day I had to leave a party early because I was sick, my esposo stayed behind. He could track my Uber through the app all the way to the house to make sure I arrived okay. You also agree upon the price BEFORE getting in the taxi which is always great. Because Uber drivers are not paying taxes there's been this big thing about one bank canceling their accounts (forgot which bank it is). But all the other banks are like "c'mon over Uber drivers!"
  12. Flew in December 22, left Jan 1. On my way in at immigration (with tico esposo) was asked for a return flight. I showed them my confirmation on my phone and that was good enough. On the way out- guess they replaced the whole paying of the exit tax with having to leave through immigration! You now have to go through immigration when leaving SJO. The line was LONG. Luckily, my esposo got us fast tracked somehow. The whole set up is quite bad right now, but it looks like new booths are being constructed to look like the booths when you enter CR. Since it takes everyone so long to get through immigration, people trickle into security and that was very quick. Plan for a little extra time when exiting the country next time! Happy New Year!
  13. Yay! Congrats! Random side note that I thought of when you mentioned your mother's maiden name- I have never felt so respected as when my esposo's cousin asked what my last name is so he could appropriately fill out a wedding invitation. Guess they realize I have my own identity!
  14. lucybelle

    The passing of member Carol Nickerson

    So sorry to hear this!
  15. lucybelle

    Trash day and Perros

    We always made sure to put out our trash right before the trash guys came by to pick it up, like 30 minutes beforehand. Specifically to avoid dogs & other animals getting into it, as well as people. There were plenty of times I walked down the street and saw trash bags torn open and trash thrown all the way down the street.

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