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  1. Thank you JulieandRicki. I spent some time reading your blog and it is really great! I want to spend some more time reading. Thank you sectorbets. I'm going to check out the are now. I really appreciate the information and seeing such a variety of different living situations. I'm not scared away by an area, but I would like to create a network of English speaking friends. I lived in Germany for a couple of years and my English speaking friends were very important to me. I very much enjoyed living in Germany and the people, it was just nice to have people that shared a similar culture to talk to.
  2. Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone here is living in a gated community, or an active senior community in a single family home? If so, can you tell me where you are, how you like it, and the things you would change if you could? Do you know of any communities that you like and are currently selling? Any information about your personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for sharing your information. It is much appreciated! Take care, Teresa
  3. Wow, that was a quick response! Thanks for the additional information, it is greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to reading more about your project as you progress!
  4. David, thank you so much for your information! It is greatly appreciated. It's so nice to have wonderful people taking time to share their information. I really like this forum. T&V, I love that detailed information – it doesn't get much better than this! Thank you,thank you, thank you! It gives me an excellent idea of what to expect in terms of building on a prepared lot. Your home specs look a lot like something I would build. It looks like you are going to have a beautiful home. It also looks as if you are in the middle of your project as I type this. I'm envious. When you talk about the foundation requirements I'm wondering if CR requires an engineer to test soil types for stability before the foundation can begin? That's a requirement in Palm Springs due to the earthquake prone area –it has to be built on a stable soil foundation. I may have missed this, but is this a 2X4 or 2X6 construction? Are you using a standard electric hot water tank? It doesn't look like you have any gas to the house; is it all electric? With all that sunshine in CR are there many people using solar hot water/heating? Are your windows energy efficient, double pane, a specific manufacturer? Sorry about all the questions. You've already been so kind to share your information. I would love to know more about where you are in the building process and how everything is going. If you are blogging your experience I would love to read it I know building (or remodeling) can be a stressful time and all sorts of unexpected things happen -- probably more so when you are in a different country. But, for the most part, it is exciting to watch the home of your dreams take shape - at least it was for me. I know this is offtopic, but you have been so kind to share your information with me so I thought I would pass along my experience with Price faucets. My husband and I completely remodeled the family farmhouse in '89 – it's been in the family for over 100 years. We used Price faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms and within 5 years they looked so bad that, over the years, we have replacedall of them with various other manufactures. It wasn't the expense, it was more the time and effort it took to replace them that was frustrating -- and living with ugly faucets until we did replace them. I went back to the "lifetime guarantee", I had all the paperwork, but the manufacturer (Price) stated it was due to the cleaning chemicals – yeesh! I guess I can't use off-the-shelf bathroom cleaner,scrubbing bubbles, like the rest of the world. Anyway, at this point in time Moen seems to be holding up the best –better than our more expensive Kohen. My in-laws built a very expensive earth home in '77 and their plain, run of the mill, Moen faucets still look great after all these years. Just a "FWIW" piece of information - I'm not associated with Moen
  5. Hi All, I've been doing a lot of reading and researching and I have to say there are a 100 answers to the same question. Hypothetically, let's say I've lived in CR, found an area that suits my needs. My ideal area would be a gated active senior retirement community that is close to a grocery store that delivers (anticipating my later, senior years). In a perfect world my home would have a great view and be close to the beach -- feel free to jump in and tell me where that "perfect world" is in CR Now, I want to either build my home with a reputable contractor that is well researched and recommended. That home is ~ 2800 square feet American Style with a 2 care garage. How much do you (people living in CR) think it would cost to build per square foot? Some of the quotes I've received are outrageous; close to $160.00 USD a square ft.. That amount will buy me a custom built home in a world class resort town, Palm Springs, CA, no joke -- that's where I have been looking. In the opinion of people who live in CR, how much would you guesstimate for a home that is already built, new or newer (not more than 5 years old)? The real estate listings online are showing homes, priced per square foot, at about the same price as in the US inland CA -- (80 - 100 a sq. ft.) -- CR isn't much of a bargain at those prices. What do you think is a realistic figure for someone who is careful, informed, and has done their homework? In one of the posts here there was an example that worked out to around $80.00 per square foot if you build a custom American Style home. Is that realistic?
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