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  1. It may be possible, but very difficult.  Most landlords want a minimum 6 month contract.  There are what we call apartotels which are like apartments that can be rented daily/weekly/monthly, but most have now become more expensive than $800 per month. (Though they do mostly include breakfast, so maybe this would suit you)


    This is actually an area that I have discussed with several potential investors as a business opportunity, but few are open and running yet.  Email me at arcr@casacanada.net


    Many thanks Ryan, I guess it's an aparthotel then. looking forward to our visit.


  2. Hi, not sure if this is the right site for my query....but my wife and I are coming on a 'recce' to CR for one month on the 10th June with the purpose of attending the ARCR seminars and eliciting knowledge with a view to relocating when we have sold our present abode [working on a 6 to 9 month time span]. We are looking for a months accommodation central to the Capital. I was thinking about a sum of around $US600 to 800 for this period and would hope to find at least twin bedroom en suite with breakfast and laundry facilities. Am I being realistic and is there anything within these parameters around San Jose?

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