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    Dark? White? Milk? Extra Fino? Preference of Make? Just let me know.
  2. exile1


    Hi Barbara, many thanks for the info, I don't think there is much that we will miss but your mentioning Worcestershire Sauce has suddenly given me an urge for some Welsh Rarebit!!! Regards......Brian
  3. exile1


    Many thanks Ryan, Is there anything I can bring you out?
  4. exile1


    The Dutchess and I will be visiting next month and she is addicted to the dreaded nicotine. Does she bring a couple of cartons with her or are cigarettes reasonably priced? Whilst on the subject of prices and availability, is there anything a limey should bring with him for sustenance? [apart from decent tea bags!] Is it worth bringing a decent bottle of scotch? and will they tax me on it at the airport? Regards........Brian
  5. exile1

    1 Month's rental

    Many thanks Ryan, I guess it's an aparthotel then. looking forward to our visit. Regards
  6. Hi, not sure if this is the right site for my query....but my wife and I are coming on a 'recce' to CR for one month on the 10th June with the purpose of attending the ARCR seminars and eliciting knowledge with a view to relocating when we have sold our present abode [working on a 6 to 9 month time span]. We are looking for a months accommodation central to the Capital. I was thinking about a sum of around $US600 to 800 for this period and would hope to find at least twin bedroom en suite with breakfast and laundry facilities. Am I being realistic and is there anything within these parameters around San Jose?

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