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    I have struggled with the map issue too. When looking at news items or real estate listings, it can be difficult (if not impossible!) to figure out just where a certain town or area is within Costa Rica. I would like to find a more detailed map, too, but so far the best one I have found is at http://www.maptak.com/index.html Click on the "Costa Rica (Political)" under the green bar that says "Fast lane to maps." Also explore the Map Desk, because you can get maps of capital cities, with other info. And check out the "Speciality Map" - an "X-Ray map of Costa Rica." It's cool! http://www.maptak.com/cr/xray/xray.html It's certainly the best map site I have found for Costa Rica. Marsha
  2. We are planning to move to Costa Rica, however, are encountering delays in wrapping up our affairs in Canada. We have been doing as much research as possible on the Net, and plan to spend some time there before we make any final decisions about opening or buying a business, a home, land, etc. We also do not want to be premature about starting the residency process, in the event our plans are further delayed. As a first step, we expect to return as tourists. My question is this: When we enter as tourists, how long can we stay? If we want to stay for 6 months, can we just declare that upon entry into the country. Or is it necessary to obtain a Visa before we arrive? If so, where do we apply for one? And how long does that take? Thank you. Marsha

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