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  1. That's true but given all the help he has given so far I'd have no reservations in using David for the entire process. I could name others that are not good IMO but I won't do so. Go to his website and check him out. Many, many recommendations. Of course we will rent first, that's great advice. Thanks.
  2. Before we decided on the Central Valley I had contacted David Karr in Jaco. He was very helpful and his follow-ups were timely. Even after I told him we had decided on the CV he still continues to help us. About once every two weeks I get a message from him making sure we are on track and he continues to help. I consider David to be a true Realtor in CR. I have had several experiences with others that are pushy and really just have no interest other than their own. I'm sure there may be others but if we were considering the CP there is no one else I would deal with. Thanks David.
  3. "The only way to know if you can really trust a friend is to trust them.." -----Ernest Hemingway
  4. If you want to build in CR you will need all cash. There is no mortgage money. You might find a developer or owner to help short term but they will require a ballon in 5-7 years and I don't blame them.
  5. Without getting into peronal finances suffice it to say I have "collateral". It makes no difference. I had one of the most respected Realtors in CR confirm this. It is really affecting his business. It is an awful lending situation. If you don't have all cash you can't buy in CR. Go to Panama no problem.
  6. Any Bank in CR that had a mortgage department phone. Natiional Banks or otherwise. Try it and you will see. "Beep..Beep..I'm sorry but the number you have called has been disconnected". I don't care to get into the economics ot it as it is a waste of brain function.
  7. Well after turning over every rock known to man I found my answer. There are no mortgages being made in CR. All the banks and broker phones have been disconnected. If you don't have cash or get owner financing you're screwed. There are reasons why this is the case but it doesn't matter. As I've learned from others you never ask why in CR. Just my humble opinion.
  8. WOW......I'm not surprised that someone pointed out I should have discovered this first..I agree 100%....What I am surprised at is the number of posts that want to take this thread into a debate on US politics....While I could argue and point out things that you may or may not know that suppport my opinion I'm not going there.....My thread is NOT about US politics...Why do think I came to this forum? I'm fed up with things here and the constant potlitcal battles being fought and my desire for pura vida. Up to this point I had found this site to be an informative and very friendly place. For those of you who actually helped I thank you. For those of you who want to argue politics I would just say have a nice day. I was going to join ARCR but now I'm not sure. I don't intend to post again.
  9. Please forgive me if this has been addressed recently. I have done all my due dilligence in finding the right location to build, negotiating purchase of land to build. Now I realize what I should have done first. Namely finding a mortgage loan. I know the real estate market sucks in the old US of A. Nobody buying or selling, thanks to Obama IMO. I start checking on banks to make a mortgage loan. I thought that with CAFTA more banks would now be in CR. My findings are that only 2-3 banks now do business in CR and worse yet NOONE IS MAKING MORTGAGE LOANS. Is this true? I have read that you now have to be a resident and even then your chances are slim and none, and if you succeed you pay outragous rates. They have shut down loans to expats. Am I missing something? Have I gone thru months of research, negotiating, etc. for nothing. If this is true it would have a tremendous effect on this website unless you have cash to pay for a home or get owner financing. PLEASE I'm in shock !!! Any information is greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you Brandon. Our budget is under 200k. Any suggestions are appreciated.. We are looking at the central valley for the milder climate. .. Randy
  11. Hello, My wife and I are planning a move to CR in the next two years. I have found this site to be very informative and friendly, Thanks to all. We are really confused. I have studied the internet for days on end. I have viewed hundreds of properties for sale. I have been to CR in the Central Pacific area and really liked the Manuel Antonio area. My wife doesn't handle heat well and from what I've read the coastal areas are the hottest. I would like to be within an hours drive to the coast, but would prefer a cooler climate. We would also prefer a guarded/gated development with nice flora/fauna. Hospital fairly close. I have seen some nice homes at FIRE Sale prices and don't know what is going with the real estate market. I have read posts here but most are dated. We are planning a trip down in January 2012 and want to spend our time wisely. Can anyone help me? I am sure this has been asked before but not recently. I apologize for the duplication. Any and all advice is helpful. Thank you very much, Randy
  12. WOW...I'm thinking of moving to C.R. and consider this site to be invaluable...This thread was supposed to be about finding a Realtor..Now look at it....I appreciate all info here...Agnieszka ...It seems to me you are thin-skinned in which case you might not like the reality of C.R. If you want to rant and rave I would suggest you find a site for that. I for one want to know about Realtors......Thanks Everyone
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