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  1. Oh oh Stewart.tb, look what you did, now you will have to babysit all doggies including mine Sorry about your Batman, he went to doggy heaven with lots of yummy yummy treats he couldn't have at home :-)
  2. Costa Rica is not a paradise. It has many like features one might imagine in a paradise. Here most guards carry weapons. This is not a custom to us North Americans are accustomed too. We have two country's with very strict laws. This puts enough fear in people to not commit petty crimes. But here it is not the same and I guess they have to resort to carrying weapons to keep crime away. We have heard from a very respectable intelligent doctor who has lived here for many years. That many tico's have more things that they can afford. How no one knows, only one can assume. Weapons are scary, but truly it's the people who are scary.
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