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  1. IHey - Just a couple of comments on guns. We had them at home and I got my first gun when I was 6. When I worked in Bolivia, it was frequently in the Chapare (Coca Country) and I started out carrying a 9 mil auto but stopped when I realized that if someone wanted to kill me I'd never hear the shot that killed me. Besides, someone might kill me for the gun. Thre are 2 things to remember about "guns for protection". (1) frequently the people are killed with their own gun, (2) if you ever take up the gun, be already prepared to use it. Your mind has to be set, not to threaten, but to kill without hesitation. Are you ready for that? Very few people are. I'm very good with guns and I never keep one in the house because it becomes knee-jerk after that.
  2. If there are no signs of boils or infections the most likely thing is intestinal parasites (round or tape worms) or heart worms. At 12 years the less likely things I'll leave to your vet to look for.
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