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  1. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in Feb of 2010 ... I have had a CPAP (Phillips Respirator with humidifier add-on) that I take on my trips with me and here now in Costa Rica where I moved Aug 8th, 2011. Previously my medical insurance covered the purchase of the unit and its monthly supplies, items I am sorely missing currently. Although I have built a fair inventory of accessories, I would surely like to know where I can obtain filters, new masks, etc. to fit my CPAP. here in Costa Rica ... and how to manage the cost factor while using a local insurance provider. Surgery is not an option and I prefer to use my CPAP ("mata pasiones", as I refer to it) in the interim. I will do some research and add a post later on re: (1) sleep medicine specialists (2) CPAP suppliers (3) local insurance coverage.
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