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  1. To Kenn. Very good practice of your Spanish. Lots of us had the same struggle with English when we migrated to the US. Practice makes it better, keep practicing!


    To add to this thread, I would say, though I'm not a Tico (I was born in Colombia, S.A.), that the term 'Gringo' is not (usually) a derogatory term. It is used more to differentiate an Anglo from say, a white or light skinned Canadian or European person.


    I understand the origins of this word goes back to the conflicts between the US and Mexico. The Mexicans would yell to the US troops "Green, Go", to mean 'get out of here'. The term evolved to the 'Gringo' word.


    My Gringo friends, don't worry, its like calling a Costa Rican, Tico. It surely does not have the same connotation as if you called a Costa Rican who lived in your (US) neighborhood or worked with you (and pissed you off), Spic! (however it might be spelled!)

  2. i just found out, today, that my wife's aunt and her husband (ticos), who were "in good faith" helping us keep taps on our 'finca', failed to do so, and now, there are squatters in the property. I do not have all the details but , but the fact remains that I've worked my tail off to pay the property and have paid the taxes, etc, since 1997, only to see these unscrupulous people take advantage. I was planning on moving to CR next year and build on the property.

    I will be going to CR in a couple of weeks and be looking for a "competent attorney" since, it seems, you're at the mercy of the costa rican judicial system.

    Any advise and /or references on this matter is appreciated. I would like to hear how the situation on top of these thread was resolved (if it has). Hopefully the land owners' rights would have been respected!



  3. expat99, HamburgO, y Rodrigo, muchas gracias por tomar su tiempo y contestar mis inquietudes. Voy a ver la informacion proveida.

    Estaremos visitando Costa Rica en Agosto de este ano, junto con la familia. Espero visitar algunos de los establecimientos educativos para tener una mejor idea.

    Si todo va bien, pienso mudarnos, a Costa Rica, para mediados del proximo ano (2012).


    De antemano agradezco todas aquellas personas que han de aportar a este topico del foro!

  4. Por favor compartan las opciones de educacion para aquellos quienes se mudan a Costa Rica con ninos y adolecentes que estan en edades de estudio. (i.e. primaria , secundaria)

    Que colegios / escuelas recomiendan?. Es la ensenanza bi-lingue?. Cuales son los requizitos para matricular los ninos en las escuelas?, etc..

  5. Amigo "CANADIAN", veo que aprendio muy bien la clase de 'espanol', en la escuela. Su contribicion suena muy bien expuesta. Soy Colombiano, radicado en Florida, USA. Casado con una "Tica", la cual he estado tratando de convencer para irnos a vivir a Costa Rica. Visite a C.R. por primera vez en 1991, y me enamore del pais (la gente, comida, paisage, etc..), en fin, creo que ya esta animada y quiero irnos el otro ano (2012).

    Espero les salga todo bien en sus planes.



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