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  1. Professional CR expat for almost 7 months

  2. Professional CR expat for almost 7 months

  3. As promised, I am updating you all on what's up after 6.5 months of living in Costa Rica. Here goes: We bought a restaurant and are building a house on it in Playa Chiquita (5km south of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca). It's called Alice and I highly suggest you stop by. Our Grand Opening last night was a huge success and you can follow me and my family at http://crtrip.tumblr.com. Most recent 2 posts are of the party last night. Construction is going along well, I will be teaching English starting February 6th to Kinder & Primero and am excited about it. We have found the community here to be much like any other and perhaps we're unusual in this regard, but we have no regrets or hesitations and are greatly enjoying our new home. There is a lot to be said for following your heart, your gut and jumping in with both feet. It's not for everyone, I suppose, but if you're adventurous and throw caution to the wind, you can't lose. That is my opinion. It works for me, for my family and even our 3 cats and new pup. Unfortunately I lost a pregnancy recently but am confident my family will continue to benefit from all costa rica has to offer to people like us- particularly, in our case, the southern caribbean. Thanks to everyone for the secret support in private messages and for giving me this wonderful opportunity to update you on our amazing new lives as we make our way through the adventure of our lives. Much love, Aggie a.k.a. Alice ========== Reminder - Per the Forums Rules & Guidelines: Members may not advertise nor promote their own businesses. The included comments about the new restaurant and its opening are being permitted this one time only because it is part of an update by the member about her move to Costa Rica and will therefore be of interest to those following this member's settling in to CR. - Moderator ==========
  4. thin-skinned, no. sensitive, yes. I like CR. I have been here enough to know that- how long have you lived here? i just need the right neighborhood. So far I do not particularly like the central valley because it's too cold. The neighborhood i am currently renting in in heredia is not a good location, which is hard with 2 kids. But I like it here. And I go to the caribbean side in just a few days. i got A PO Box and got stuff notarized and am opening a bank account... slowly but surely. Aggis (month 2)
  5. Thanks- I rented a house there for a month. Can't wait to check it out.
  6. Thanks, that sounds interesting. If it is even a little towards the mid 80s (farenheit) my husband will hate it. he is the reason we are relegated to central valley. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Maybe in a few few years i will get another little place to get away. I wanted to live in limon. Some drupal programmer told me it's too dangerous. I love the Caribbean vibe.
  7. I owe you no proof of anything, grumbly, but i already said i would say hi in 6 & 12 months. voracious reader, eh?
  8. Thanks Much good info here. Good luck to you. We haven't gotten to the car stage yet... should be fun!
  9. Now *that* is information I can use- thank you. I read that 2 phone companies are coming in very soon and wonder if they will provide cell service or just land lines. A
  10. My husband dragged me on here knowing I hate forums and knows perfectly well i am not dealing with a realtor and the price of a really nice house in escazu. I am actually quite personable and get along with everyone. forums are just not my thing. i do not mean to throw insults- i am just defending myself. i was not the first to be mean-spirited. my choice was attacked, i was called naiive and forced to either withdraw or retort. if you think this is easy for me, you are wrong. this is incredibly difficult. I am a strong woman in central america alone with 2 young children. And i am not afraid. we literally have nothing to lose. i never want to go back to the USA regardless. IF CR doesn't fit, we will try something else. Maybe that restaurant in belize. no, i have no restaurant experience. This is the kind of person i am . a successful person who is not afraid. I have lived through too many bad things to let anyone stop me when i feel i am making a good, informed decision. a decision i will remind you which is to rent a house for one year. if you want to be more hardcore not-tico than me, go ahead. I plan to enjoy my life. i will say that this forum is the most upset i have been in a long time. my misinformed husband is a people-pleaser. i love him for it, after all i am the recipient a lot of the time (sometimes not- see i have a sense of humour too...). he wants all the reassurance he can get. me- i do what i want with no apologies. new york blood indeed. i am not an "i told you so" person either. many of you are. TTYS Aggie
  11. Sure, thank you. When I get my prepaid ICE SIM card i'll send my # (i missed the booth at the airport before customs grrr) I do not expect it to be perfect. I expect it to be better, yes, or certainly we would not be dong this.
  12. That is no different than the US was before the patriot act. It was more tolerable then. Maybe being out of the USA you are unaware of the incredible abuses of government. random detention is a new national past-time and everyone believes it is for their own safety. happy ticos seem to care most about their families from my perception. i care most about family, too. i care about being a good human being, educating people and human rights. i'm a teacher, an artist and quite the activist. i want to be an astronaut. trust me when i say if something goes wrong, we will be gone. i am not the kind of person to stick around for abuse. or maybe i am, since i am still here. i don't need anyone or anything but my children. i could survive anywhere. My husband is pretty good too when he is not pretending. i am happy anywhere as long as i have my kids and a few books; something new to learn about and study.
  13. Thanks - yes it is small here. And we all know if you can make it in NY you can make it anywhere, right i don't like small towns or suburbs; i can do tarzan-style or beach bum, but i am not a soccer mom. My husband had to talk me out of a corrugated shack on an island in the Caribbean. i'll be the one with purple hair. Say hi if you see me! A
  14. I'm just trying to do what feels right. Everyone I have met has been amazing and fwiw, i disagree. again, i will let you know how happy we are in 6 months and a year. then you can say "i told you so". until then... don't. when i'm an "oldbie" i'll be encouraging and supportive and optimistic. or perhaps you are trying to keep this gorgeous place to yourselves. That is one thing I don't know. I wouldn't blame you for that though. cheers, A
  15. good point. *sigh* there are some lovely people here in the shadows. Thank you to all of you who have reached out. I will respond as soon as I can. For now, I have to sleep for negotiations on the rental in the morning in san joaquin
  16. i am fine with all of those things except for the dogs. I suppose that's why it's good we have a nice large backyard. I find even San Jose charming. The toothless guy who sells the clay animal pipes is awesome. The guy in the park who picked up a pigeon and handed him to my son was awesome. The maintenance guy at the park who let them take turns spraying the hose all over the place was awesome. I think this is an awesome country. You can try to change my mind, but I think it would be narrow-minded of anyone to try to stop us from renting a house for a year. What's the point of that? Isn't this supposed to be a supportive environment? I am only back because I got several very nice PMs. I guess not all gringos are bad. Finally, I am referring to Civil Rights which are no longer existent in the USA, not nuisances. Real erosion of rights, human dignity. Give me good old-fashioned corruption any day but the society is closed there. The USA is done. If you thought Black October was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet to quote some singer i am too young to remember. 9/11 was the event that put fear into the country. then the patriot act, a misnomer, The bush administration. The phony wars. Dick cheney. RFID. Blood from Newborn screening going to the army (yeah we got around that one too by having the kids in a pool in the living room). Electronic medical records. The bailout. Torture justification. Evangelical christians. If i see any of *those* things around, I will just buy the island in tonga I was eyeing. Yes, I am serious. We are fearless. How about "good luck" instead of the nastiness? What's wrong with jumping in with both feet? Why do something halfheartedly? The time is right for us. I never thought that an association created to help people move to costa rica, educate them and help them become residents and citizens would be so rude.
  17. who said i don't speak spanish? i'm not fluent, but i get by. I can read everything but am not so confident speaking yet. That will change. your handle is appropriate at least. I don't know anything about "your" customs or traditions? Laws? I read more books last week than you have in your entire life. I'm really not in the mood to be bad word!ed with so don't dangle the toy in front of me. usenet flaming is an old hobby. why the are you so afraid? live your life. i have made many promising acquaintances while here. I assume you aren't one of them. I assume that because we are US citizens we are allowed to homeschool. If not, we'll go off the grid. So what? Is correspondence school illegal? How about private tutors? I also read that homebirths are illegal- can anyone attest to this? I had my 2 babies at home. I'm a doula. There appears to be one homebirth midwife and one doula in the country. Always rock the boat. As long as you're smarter than everyone else you have nothing to be afraid of. Enjoy your sheltered, unadventurous life. A
  18. Thank you. I would like to comment that we are not bitter or angry but do disagree with the political situation in the united states. I am much more scared there than I am here. We make it just fine in the USA- but I had to fly out of canada because I won't deal with the TSA. That is just one example. We have options now and the time is right. I feel good about this. I will let my husband reply from now on (unless he gets info wrong again:). A
  19. Actually, we are homeschoolers, so although it will be nice to be in an area with other children who are well-educated, schools are not important. Thank you, however, for telling me what my priorities SHOULD be. I am pretty much done with this - anything but Pura Vida on this forum. You should be ashamed of yourselves. How about supporting people instead of implying naivete and comparing us to everyone else? How about camraderie? Ticos are supposed to be nice. You are not a Tico (not specifically replying to you here, but the majority of replies here). Also... we're from New York - we have seen all the cons and are anything but gullible. Escazu is a suburb as far as I am concerned. San Jose is only slightly grimier than NYC and feels quite safe. You have no idea where we are coming from. Feel free to PM if you like- unless it's criticism. I apologize my husband gave the wrong impression. His intentions were good. I am sure he will be continuing on the forum. I will not. A
  20. 3/4 of our family members... not all expats. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old; then there is me and my husband. I am not my husband (who was well-intentioned but misinformed, slightly)- he is the one who asked- not me. We have several personal a business connections here and are by no means alone. we are not trapped- we still have our home in NYC and can go back at any time. I do not have the attitude that we are moving to paradise, although it is certainly more relaxed than new york city. Where did I say that? We are looking for political stability and peace. No military, a woman president, the country is neutral. These are important things to me. CR is #1 on the Happy Planet Index. We want happiness and i have a feeling we will find it here- if not, as i said, we will try something different. 3 years of research means nothing? I'll let you know in 6 months if i regret what we are doing, ok? Until then, I do ask- once again- to please back off. If you cave a friend with a used car or some advice on daily life, great. We are not buying property until we are 100% certain we want to stay and can always . We will not be trapped. I am sorry you are. Perhaps you should have done more research and rented for a bit. A
  21. Hey everyone- thanks for your replies. I would like to say that we have no problem testing out various areas- this is our plan. when we find a plot of land or a house after a year or so we'll buy or build. If we don't like it, we'll go to panama or belize or cuba. Who cares as long as we like it? I would also like to know what the big deal is about living someplace with more expats and amenities to gradually ease into the culture while we explore? I am very seriously discouraged by what I perceive to be negative judgment by most of you and I don't say it to be antagonistic. Is it not a good point that easing into the culture would facilitate the adjustment period? We actually have no time line, no problem with paying for a rental while we sell our condo in NYC and are working word-of-mouth. contrary to what my husband said, I found a place via a taxi driver. Tico Times gave me a few snakes. La nacion is alright. I am not done looking yet. The important part is that 3/4 of us escaped the united states and are not going back. If you can help us, I appreciate it. I did not expect any help, so please keep any nay-saying to yourselves. I have lived in many places across the globe and am very excited about Costa Rica. Just because you did it differently doesn't mean we are doing it wrong. Thank you. Your new neighbor (whether you like it or not), Aggie
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