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  1. Professional CR expat for almost 7 months

  2. Professional CR expat for almost 7 months

  3. As promised, I am updating you all on what's up after 6.5 months of living in Costa Rica. Here goes: We bought a restaurant and are building a house on it in Playa Chiquita (5km south of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca). It's called Alice and I highly suggest you stop by. Our Grand Opening last night was a huge success and you can follow me and my family at http://crtrip.tumblr.com. Most recent 2 posts are of the party last night. Construction is going along well, I will be teaching English starting February 6th to Kinder & Primero and am excited about it. We have found the community here to be much like any other and perhaps we're unusual in this regard, but we have no regrets or hesitations and are greatly enjoying our new home. There is a lot to be said for following your heart, your gut and jumping in with both feet. It's not for everyone, I suppose, but if you're adventurous and throw caution to the wind, you can't lose. That is my opinion. It works for me, for my family and even our 3 cats and new pup. Unfortunately I lost a pregnancy recently but am confident my family will continue to benefit from all costa rica has to offer to people like us- particularly, in our case, the southern caribbean. Thanks to everyone for the secret support in private messages and for giving me this wonderful opportunity to update you on our amazing new lives as we make our way through the adventure of our lives. Much love, Aggie a.k.a. Alice ========== Reminder - Per the Forums Rules & Guidelines: Members may not advertise nor promote their own businesses. The included comments about the new restaurant and its opening are being permitted this one time only because it is part of an update by the member about her move to Costa Rica and will therefore be of interest to those following this member's settling in to CR. - Moderator ==========
  4. thin-skinned, no. sensitive, yes. I like CR. I have been here enough to know that- how long have you lived here? i just need the right neighborhood. So far I do not particularly like the central valley because it's too cold. The neighborhood i am currently renting in in heredia is not a good location, which is hard with 2 kids. But I like it here. And I go to the caribbean side in just a few days. i got A PO Box and got stuff notarized and am opening a bank account... slowly but surely. Aggis (month 2)
  5. Thanks- I rented a house there for a month. Can't wait to check it out.
  6. Thanks, that sounds interesting. If it is even a little towards the mid 80s (farenheit) my husband will hate it. he is the reason we are relegated to central valley. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Maybe in a few few years i will get another little place to get away. I wanted to live in limon. Some drupal programmer told me it's too dangerous. I love the Caribbean vibe.
  7. I owe you no proof of anything, grumbly, but i already said i would say hi in 6 & 12 months. voracious reader, eh?
  8. Thanks Much good info here. Good luck to you. We haven't gotten to the car stage yet... should be fun!
  9. Now *that* is information I can use- thank you. I read that 2 phone companies are coming in very soon and wonder if they will provide cell service or just land lines. A
  10. My husband dragged me on here knowing I hate forums and knows perfectly well i am not dealing with a realtor and the price of a really nice house in escazu. I am actually quite personable and get along with everyone. forums are just not my thing. i do not mean to throw insults- i am just defending myself. i was not the first to be mean-spirited. my choice was attacked, i was called naiive and forced to either withdraw or retort. if you think this is easy for me, you are wrong. this is incredibly difficult. I am a strong woman in central america alone with 2 young children. And i am not afraid. we literally have nothing to lose. i never want to go back to the USA regardless. IF CR doesn't fit, we will try something else. Maybe that restaurant in belize. no, i have no restaurant experience. This is the kind of person i am . a successful person who is not afraid. I have lived through too many bad things to let anyone stop me when i feel i am making a good, informed decision. a decision i will remind you which is to rent a house for one year. if you want to be more hardcore not-tico than me, go ahead. I plan to enjoy my life. i will say that this forum is the most upset i have been in a long time. my misinformed husband is a people-pleaser. i love him for it, after all i am the recipient a lot of the time (sometimes not- see i have a sense of humour too...). he wants all the reassurance he can get. me- i do what i want with no apologies. new york blood indeed. i am not an "i told you so" person either. many of you are. TTYS Aggie
  11. Sure, thank you. When I get my prepaid ICE SIM card i'll send my # (i missed the booth at the airport before customs grrr) I do not expect it to be perfect. I expect it to be better, yes, or certainly we would not be dong this.
  12. That is no different than the US was before the patriot act. It was more tolerable then. Maybe being out of the USA you are unaware of the incredible abuses of government. random detention is a new national past-time and everyone believes it is for their own safety. happy ticos seem to care most about their families from my perception. i care most about family, too. i care about being a good human being, educating people and human rights. i'm a teacher, an artist and quite the activist. i want to be an astronaut. trust me when i say if something goes wrong, we will be gone. i am not the kind of person to stick around for abuse. or maybe i am, since i am still here. i don't need anyone or anything but my children. i could survive anywhere. My husband is pretty good too when he is not pretending. i am happy anywhere as long as i have my kids and a few books; something new to learn about and study.
  13. Thanks - yes it is small here. And we all know if you can make it in NY you can make it anywhere, right i don't like small towns or suburbs; i can do tarzan-style or beach bum, but i am not a soccer mom. My husband had to talk me out of a corrugated shack on an island in the Caribbean. i'll be the one with purple hair. Say hi if you see me! A
  14. I'm just trying to do what feels right. Everyone I have met has been amazing and fwiw, i disagree. again, i will let you know how happy we are in 6 months and a year. then you can say "i told you so". until then... don't. when i'm an "oldbie" i'll be encouraging and supportive and optimistic. or perhaps you are trying to keep this gorgeous place to yourselves. That is one thing I don't know. I wouldn't blame you for that though. cheers, A
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