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  1. Out today. Another maybe small example of Tico passport advantage. One more country visa free. Russia suppresses visa requirements for Costa Rican visitors . . .
  2. Great. Hopefully they have the data soon for giving you the passport. As I recall there was a wait from transferring info from TSE to Immigration or something. You will get it though. Something else you can report on for others to know.
  3. rodo

    Ship? Cargo? Checked bags?

    I brought down container too. Two actually. It is a lot of work filling it and expensive as well particularly if you use a service. There is (was) a Tico guy out of the port of Tampa who ships containers on some type of tramp steamer. It was real cheap in comparison. but I needed to get it there. Let me know and maybe I can find the guys contact info if interested. He ships down like a lot of 20 foot delivery trucks too and maybe can rent the inside space on one of those from the owner and divide it up when it gets to Limon. I did that too and it worked great. The truck owner actually delivered it to me for a reasonable fee. If you bring a container you can fill it with all kinds of other stuff outside of personal belongings. I brought a bunch of stuff I got at garage sales and goodwill type stores. It should be garage sale season there soon or now. I just came back with 12 pairs of used kids shoes I picked up cheap for neighborhood kids. Lots of futbol tacos and Nike sneakers. Used in the USA is better quality than new here. Now its contraband shoes instead of the old days of contraband electronics etc. How things change. Good luck on the move. And post about any possibility of being able to bring stuff down without any taxes. Say A car maybe? HAHA good luck on that one.
  4. Good job Eleanor!! Finally made it and in record time. I personally have found that keeping my residency cedula has been helpful to slowly transfer over accounts and drivers license etc. Not sure how much time you have on your cedula de residencia but maybe good to just keep it till it expires and in the meantime change accounts. Me personally I decided to not go after the deposit I paid. Mainly to just say ok Costa Rica you can keep it as a small donation from me and thank you for making me a citizen. Also I dont need another tramite to deal with. But the 300$ would be a nice bonus for you. And you deserve it. for all your help to the community. Also I have not had any contact with Immigration about residency as I assume that it is automatic notice when becoming citizen. just came back from a trip last night and used the passport again. I just love when people ask me how long Ive been here or am I a gringo. I whip about the passport (or cedula) and say...Soy Tico Mae, tome chi chi. Have fun with all of this as Im sure you will. Felicidades
  5. Thanks Induna for the article. I missed it. This is exactly what I was referring to. Great news in terms of the CAJA taking this more seriously and investing in order to do more procedures. These procedures really save lives. The article also explains about the woman cardiologist that made the complaint. That doctor really deserves some credit for saving lives. My take on this is actually similar to the snake bite issue. The thing with heart attacks is that they need to be treated quickly so the patient has the blockage fixed or they can die. The nearness to Hospital Mexico also is critical. Kind of like anti venom being available quickly and nearby. Question is where to invest for the most bang. The other issue is the wait time when it is not an emergency where the person is having a heart attack. Then the wait list comes into play. People die waiting. They have gotten the wait time down but it still is pretty high. Although I won’t complain as progress is being made. I am hoping they are going to install these cath labs in other locations so people don’t have to risk making it to San Jose in an emergency. Finally, if you take their total investment mentioned divided by the number of procedures I get $4,087US. That is very good when talking about angiograms or angioplasties. Too bad we don’t have money for everything. Always something more that needs to be done.
  6. While I agree that it’s a lastima that someone gets bit by a snake and may not get treatment in time to prevent disfigurement or other trauma. However as stated above and elsewhere it appears that Costa Rica is a world leader in treatment and anti-venom availability and in fact produces anti venom for poor parts of the world. So for me I am cheering Costa Rica for this. Healthcare is always a tradeoff situation especially when talking about government provided health care like here in Costa Rica. If you want to consider another health issue here that actually affects hundreds if not thousands of people in the fight against the number one killer, heart disease, we can contemplate where it may be better to focus health care investment. When a person develops heart disease they start to get blockages in the arteries and when sufficiently blocked they get a heart attack. One newer technique as many may know or have heard of is stenting to open blockages and prevent death. The problem is that at least for the CAJA the only place to do this is at Hospital Mexico or maybe also in Calderon. (for those with 20-30K or private insurance this can be purchased in Cima etc.) Please correct me if I’m wrong but these being the only places for this life saving, fairly simple procedure for those in the CAJA that what happens is many people die either being too far away from San Jose when having a heart attack or being on a long waiting list and dying before being given a slot for the procedure. There have been news stories of a woman cardiologist who worked in this area who brought up the issue of how many people died while waiting for the procedure (100-150 maybe). Well she claims that she later was chastised and sent to work in another hospital and was unable to practice cardiology. She claims that the higher ups tried to squash the story. Anyways, not to change the subject but to me I’m more concerned about lack of investment in this stenting that could save many many lives if offered in other parts of the country and with more capacity. I’m sure there are other examples as well.
  7. Note to self: When conducting unprofessional presidential opinion polls make sure to not just survey folks in the lower income and educational brackets. So quite the unexpected result not being closer but boy is it fun to see the party we have in Costa Rica at an election like this. Everyone so animated but yet none of the rancor and negativity you see in some other countries. Hoping that Carlos ends up being a great president. He will certainly face some challenges. But if everyone gets behind him miracles can happen.
  8. There is a lot of support for Fabricio, I think, in lower income people. Here in my area, I am told it's not because of his stance on gay issues but his outreach to the "common people" and what he promises to do for them. Plus denouncing corruption of the existing government. It's my belief that people are not really jumping on the anti-gay bandwagon because that is not an issue that affects them day to day. What does affect them is the economy and what the government can do to enhance life for lower income people. I think they are also pissed off at a bloated government where people make lots of money while working and lots of money while retired while the lower income folks struggle with figuring out how many days a week they can afford to buy meat. I also think that rather than being homophobic, many of his supporters are just pissed off that some outside entity can tell Costa Rica what to do. I think the country was edging towards legalization and acceptance of gay marriage but needed more time to get to that point. The court ruling short-circuited that process and, unfortunately, it was really really poor timing. Good insights Eleanor. I have heard exactly these points as well. Especially the "Dont tell us what to do" attitude
  9. So today is it! The runoff election to determine our president. Lots of differences in polls that were published. I’ve done my own informal polling and it looks to me like Fabricio will take this one based on the limited geographical polling I have done mostly here in San Ramon. Big unknown is turnout. The last polls predicted a pretty high abstention percentage and with this falling on the last day of Semana Santa vacations it may lower the percentage for Carlos. Fabricio's strong support is in the provinces and lower income in general. Maybe that gives him a slight edge if the more educated more well off don’t show up since they are fighting traffic to get home. So what have the rest of you heard from Ticos you know? I will probably just hit the hay before they announce and wake up to the news. My prediction is Fabricio by 5 points minimum and up to 12-15 total. Seems to me a lot of folks are shy in announcing their support but it will be seen in the results. Happy Election Day and Easter Ham day.
  10. rodo

    paying bills BCR

    In the never ending situation where things seem to get more simple to do Tramites in Costa Rica I have been using my local pulperia to pay bills and also catch up on neighborhood stuff with the owner. You may have noticed in BCR some promotion for Tucan services. Evidently they have set up small businesses like my pulperia to have connected software and receipt printers for a variety of bill payments. I guess the stores get a percentage on this. This now includes CAJA payments. So next week Im going to use the pulperia for the first time to pay my caja bill in addition to electric and phone. (water for me is down the street at a local guys home). I have tried the bill pay stuff on the BCR website and even though it is doable I just prefer having human contact and having my pulperia make a small bit. Good luck on mastering the internet options.
  11. Yeah Im looking at many things to decide on the vote. That was more a joke. The upper crust thing I guess is based on from whom I have heard the Vos thing from in the past. I wont get over it. My ear does not like hearing it thats all.
  12. So I get to vote the first time this year and deciding who to go with April 1st. Click on a story today about Carlos Alvarado. Look at the photo and the VOS usage on the poster behind. http://www.laprensalibre.cr/Noticias/detalle/132288/pln-desmiente-apoyo-a-carlos-alvarado So I'm thinking this is just an upper crust wannabe trying to impress me using VOS. He wants to be real upper crust. Now I'm more confused as to who to support. I didn't realize it would be so tough to decide. Y Vos?
  13. Una vez mas el Bufete de Induna y asociados nos da buena informacion. gracias Licenciado!!
  14. Good topic Paul and article. I never really got into Vos. Never heard it in Mexico where I started and here many years ago don't remember it used. Last few years I hear it occasionally mostly in Chepe and mostly with upper crust people or upper crust wannabes. So because that is the only place I hear it I don't use it nor want to be around people that do. Also its hard enough using the other forms so why mess with something that halfway is working. I'm open to changing my opinion though.
  15. Well folks from what I can see with the government having spent like drunken sailors for decades and borrowed to the hilt, they now look assured to pass the new taxes which will affect all of us to some degree (some minor spending cuts also..maybe). Otto Guevara and the Libertarians are now gone from government and they were the main ones who stopped new taxes and fought for spending controls. The following is a translation of article in La Nacion. You should see some taxes there that will affect you: These are the main points of the fiscal project that the deputies agreed to process through the fast track, which the government estimates generated about ¢ 660,000 million annually, while the deficit in public finances currently amounts to ¢ 2 billion: With 39 votes in favor and 0 against, deputies approve fast track for tax reform The sales tax would be transformed into a tax on the added value (VAT), with which the Government would tax many services that are now exempt. The Executive would impose a rate of 13% on services such as computers, lawyers, gyms, shows, streaming (such as Netflix and Spotify), rentals of more than ¢ 425,000 per month, electricity (for those who consume more than 250 kilowatts per hour). month), transportation (except public service), games of chance and commercial exhibitions. In addition, it proposes a reduced rate of 4% for private education and health, as well as for books in all their formats, air tickets, the purchase of packaging and raw materials, as well as equipment and machinery (except if there is an express exoneration) and services for agricultural and agro industrial production. To the rest of goods, in general, the current tax of 13% would be maintained, keeping the exonerations in force. The plan also proposes establishing a ceiling of ¢ 5.4 million in the salaries of public officials and the hierarchies of State and Public Administration powers. The equivalent of 18 minimum monthly salaries for the lowest income category in the private sector. Similarly, it proposes to charge a 15% tax - with some exceptions - to capital gains, that is, to the profits generated by the sale of assets, bonds or real estate, as well as the distribution of dividends. It also imposes a cap of 2.54% on the plus known as annuity for new employees in the public sector. That percentage would be paid on the base salary, for each year worked. Currently, this incentive exceeds 5% in some entities.

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