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  1. Well, you're right. There are dozens of variables and I won't have a firm answer before actually seeing everyting in person. My russian-speaking friends are asking me same questions like "how much money do you need to live in Canada?". It depends what kind of life you're planing to live (duh!). But we ended up with some "average" numbers. Say, for a small family you need around 3k/month (1k for food, 1k for rent and 1k for anything else). This is probably the minimal amount you need, though many people can live on 1,600 and some think 5k in not enough. But there's some average number which suites 80% of population. Same thing with CR, I'm asking these silly question just to hear different opinions and to make up some idea of "average" house . There are zellion things to sort out before deciding what (and where) to buy. As costaricafinca mentioned the living price in CR has increased (due to its popularity of course) and nobody can guarantee that I will build/buy the house for the same amount of money in 5 years. It is very good to have this kind of discussion with many opinions to get somewhat prepared and to ask right question when arriving on the ground.
  2. Wow, I didn't even expect this many replies and opinions From your experience, how long does it take for builder to build say 1200-1500sq feet house? If I have some long project (building guest house myself) do people in CR steal materials stored on site while I'm away for a week or month? This question might be silly but in the country where I'm from originally it is even dangerous to leave something overnight. The chances are that you won't find half of building materials next morning I'm trying to get an idea of what my house will look like. Meaning how close you usually build them to the neighbours, how wide the street, etc. There's no goodle streets in CR unfortunately and pictures I found on Internet are mostly weird and don't give any good idea. Folks, who live in CR, can you show me what the "normal" expat village is look like and what the locals' houses for 40-50 k look like. Basically I want to see "here's what you get for 50k, and this is for 150k). I don't trust those realtors selling homes on-line for 300k+ as I know this may cost me way less.
  3. Thank you everyone for your detailed replies. Yeah, I don't have much hands-on construction experience (not yet) but I'm a project manager who wants to have his own project done. I may consider building more houses for the tourists (like eleanorcr did) after builder build house for my family. I think it would be fun when you don't have time pressure and a good learning experience. This winter I'm planing my first trip to Costa Rica and Panama by bicycle to ride all over and meet local peeps and expats. I'm only 28 and have about 17 years before retirement and moving to CR or area (yes want to retire early, lol . Thank you for supporting this valuable resourse and sharing all the priceless information you have.
  4. Well, if builder normally has discounts from the materials store and labor relatively inexpencive. Considering all headache one will have building the house with his/her hands .... Does it mean the best bet would be to hire the builder and just control them? What do you think economical benefit (if any) would be if building house yourself VS hireing the builder.
  5. Thank you All, for a prompt reply. Yes I understand the importance of Spanish as I immigrated to Canada not a long time ago and learned English just the way I learn Spanish right now. Really, I can not imagine how one can live in CR or other LA country w/o speaking Spanish May be someone knows official resourses (if they're exist at all) for construction standards in CR. I just started to learn Spanish and having a hard time locating these materials on-line. Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm going to get all the job done myself - just pay architect for a stamp.
  6. I realize that I can't work in CR unless I'm a legally established there. But can I buy a land and build a house myself for my family? Does CR has its own construction standards or I can build something using Canadian / US requirements? Thanks alot!
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