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  1. "Looking for the perfect surf town to raise a surf crazy family of 3. I'm 34 my fiance is 26 and daughter 4, looking for the perfect little surf community that's laid back, has great waves and near a (sacs) school for my daughter. We mite home school, in that case we wouldn't need to be close to a school. Does anyone have any ideas? A couple good bars would be nice nothing crazy...

  2. I am a 34 year old Merchant Marine that travels the world working on ships, I have a fiance and a 4 year old daughter, we are crazy about surfing and are looking for a great little town that has great surf great people who also enjoy surfing and a (sacs) school in the area, we mite home school so if that happens then a place that has lots of activity's for kids would be a plus.

  3. the perfect surf town to rais a surf crazy family of 3

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