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  1. My boyfriend and I are considering buying a simple cabina or hostel that caters to international travelers, possibly 10 to 20 rooms. We plan to spend several months just traveling around before we settle down. Has anyone had any experience doing buying and running such an operation? We are in our late 50s and are SICK of working in our respective professional careers and want something that will bring in a little income, give us something to do and meet travelers. We would like something that just provides a room with a TV, possibly internet, private bath, maid service, and coffee and continental breakfast - that's it! We don't want a B&B because running that is a 24/7 job. I have substantial experience staying in various hostels/youth hotels and cabinas all over Europe, Mexico and CR, and we think we might enjoy the lifestyle. We know we can't work it ourselves except to manage it and will have to hire local support staff. Thanks!
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