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  1. Okay, TG So come and enjoy... but the right reasons... like... you hate snow! Back in 1958, I spent a couple of months studying tropical agriculture at IICA in Turrialba - its called something else now - and my wife and I spend 3 weeks on the Caribbean side two years ago. After 39 years in Africa, we love the tropics and that is the prime motivator for our "year off"; after all those years we hate snow and cold weather. Jordan
  2. TG, I quote: "The latest wave of total lunacy (in MY opinion, not ARCR's) is this group of complete boneheads who are moving here because they hate George Bush and the current US policies." I intend to prove you wrong :-) in that not everyone that leaves the US because of the bushites is a bonehead. Having lived and worked 39 years in various countries in Africa, my wife and I retired to the western North Carolina mountains in 1997; truely a piece of heaven, but for the past 4 1/2 years the influence of the extreem right has crept into almost every facit of life in the US: political, religious, and economic, to the point where we want to take "a year off" at least in Costa Rica. I have followed all the post on this forum for the past several months and have learned a great deal. We anticipate coming down in mid-October for a year and intend to follow your good advice. The natural beauty of Costa Rica should be able to provide enough distraction to enable us to enjoy la pura vida at least for a year Jordan
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