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  1. popeye

    Working online

    No kids for us. I've been fixed(snip,snip) We have decided to open a business down there employing at least 10 ticos within the first year or so, and we also have a lawyer to meet with when we arrive in CR. If everything goes as planned we should be there late July early Sept. Still going to do the perpetual tourist though. Oh well you only live once.
  2. popeye

    Working online

    Well with much thought, I think we are going to take the risk and just do the whole P.T. (perpetual tourist) thing. We are not going down until later this year so hopefully I'll figure something out. Thank you all
  3. popeye

    Working online

    Damn. That stinks Any suggestions besides the 150,000
  4. popeye

    Working online

    Thank you for your quick replies, so according to the link above, I just have to prove I've made over 2500.00 a month for 5 years. Not garantee that I will, correct? Also with the shipping, my concern was losing my stuff if getting deported and if I should ship them or not. Thank you again
  5. popeye

    Working online

    Hi y'all my wife and I are planing to move to CR later this year from Florida.. We are both in our late 30's so no retirement, however I work online. So my questions are as follows. 1. What to do about shipping our furnishing and such. 2. Can I be deported for being illeagle even though. I'm not taking any jobs from locals. 3. Has there been any talk about a online employment residency. Feel free to answer any other questions you think I might need. I have many more, but we'll start with these. Thank you

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