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  1. My husband's and my temporary residency must be renewed by Aug. 16. I have been told that unless our marriage certificate's apostillo is less than 6 months old, it cannot be accepted. I had also read about the group marriage done to provide couples with Costa Rican marriage documents. Now, however, I have been told by a lawyer in my town that you cannot get married again in Costa Rica if you are already married and what is required is that your marriage be registered, which I am afraid would put us back into the issue of having to get our marriage certificate re-apostilloed all over again...from Costa Rica somehow. What are other couples using to comply with the new documentation regulations?
  2. My trusty, 4-year-old iPad finally bit the dust. I'm making the trip from Puerto Viejo to San Jose to replace it. Where's the best place in SJ to buy a non-Apple tablet? (Don't want to spend the $ on something that has to survive in the jungle.) And does anyone have a recommendation for a tablet that is suitable for this environment? Thanks!
  3. Thanks and a little clarification please. Our appointment at migraction for our final approval is the 19th, so you think we can pay for August anytime before then?
  4. We live in Puerto Viejo and the caja connection at BN has been down since Friday. Our alternative is a bus ride to the clinic in Hone Creek, which we would rather not do. Does anyone know the deadline for paying the monthly caja?
  5. Thanks all. I'll have to take this info to our local computer guy. He told us that until we get our residency, we are not eligible for anything other than prepaid. If we video skype or watch a movie, it eats up so much data download that we need to re-up our pre-paid every 6-7 days. We do have a much better signal, but we have put $80 on our stick since aug 1,when the plan changed.
  6. We live in Puerto Viejo, where internet is only available thru a land line, and there is a 4 year waiting list. It seems that Kolbi has just changed it's billing process, so that we pay by the amount of data we use, whereas before we paid for a certain amount of time. What used to cost us $20 a month is now more like $20 a week. Is anyone who is using a stick able to use one of the other companies, Claro or Movistar? Do you know if they still offer a time-based plan? Thanks!
  7. Thanks---there's a 4 year waiting period for ICE land lines in PV. As much as I like our rental, I can't guarantee we will be here in 4 years. I checked out the CR Wi-Fi and of course, they are not on the Caribbean coast. Somehow the entire internet has decided that Puerto Viejo is not worth bothering about.
  8. We live in Puerto Viejo where wireless internet service is only available thru ICE. We're currently on the Kolbi stick, which is very unsatisfactory. My husband recently contacted Houston Media Services, which claims to provide internet service in Costa Rica via satellite. Has anyone had any experience with this company?
  9. Hi all, We will be traveling to San Jose on Tuesday and I would love to get my teeth cleaned. Does anyone have a recommendation for a dental office in San Jose? Preferably centrally located, donĀ“t really want to have to take a taxi to an outer district. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. Charlie Zeller is our shipper, and it would be great if he could recommend someone. Our shipment is in Alejuela, not Puntarenas, and we are in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast. We thought we could find someone with a truck to hire, but no one we've asked has been able to make the trip. That's why I'm asking if there are any professional companies that would pick up our shipment in Alejuela and bring it to Puerto Viejo.
  11. Hello all, My husband and I are ARCA members and have recently moved to Puerto Viejo. We shipped the few household goods we thought we would need, and they have gone thru customs and are waiting to be picked up. We thought it would be a simple process to find someone in the PV area with a truck who would drive us to Alejela but no. We really don't want to rent a truck and do the drive over the mountains and back ourselves. Does any one know of a service that would pick our boxes (on a pallet} and deliver them to us here? And if the shipper insists that we be there to sign for the shipment, we could take the bus there and meet the driver. Thanks! I need my kitchen equipment!
  12. Looking forward to making the big move v. soon (and yes have visited and no will not be buying right away). My husband and I have sold our place here in the USA and are trying to figure out how to use the proceeds towards our residency requirements. A friend of ours who is a financial advisor has suggested several options all of which are various retirement funds, which would generate more than $1,000 a month. However, as these are retirement funds, we would not be able to draw on them until we were 65. Would that qualify as income towards the pensionado requirement? Thanks and looking forward to joining the ARCR!

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