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    Moving to CR to pay off debt?

    Thanks so much for all the feedback and clarification. I feel much more solid on the tourist/residency thing now. I'll continue doing my research and narrow down a few places to live. This forum has been a huge help!
  2. zachalbert

    Moving to CR to pay off debt?

    Thanks for all the helpful replies. First, I thought I should clarify a few things. I am not necessarily interested in being a perpetual tourist, unless choosing to live in CR for 2-3 years makes me a "tourist." I speak conversational spanish, am interested in learning Tico culture, customs, making Tico friends, etc. As I mentioned, I am a very experienced traveler (differentiating from a tourist, in my mind). As much as I would love a due diligence trip to see if I would like it, this isn't really financially feasible, and frankly I am not sure it's necessary. I have lived quite happily in many countries with far less developed economies and quality of life than what I hear and read of CR (from friends who have actually visited / lived there). My plan is already to bring no more than a couple suitcases and store everything else. I am slightly confused by the residency programs though. With my internet business, I make almost 2500 / month. I DON'T have a 150,000 to deposit into a bank at one time, and I'm not sure it can be "guaranteed" (beyond showing past history). Does this disqualify me for residency? If so, it wouldn't be a huge hassle for me to do a border run every 90 days (I did this in Thailand every month for 6 months), but I read somewhere that you can only do this once in CR before being barred for 6 months. Is this true? Or is it just hit or miss? I'm not trying to "game the system" or anything like that, just live and work for 2-3 years (I know I can't get a CR job). I would happily apply for residency if that would enable me to live for that period completely above board, but I'm not sure that my status qualifies me or not. Thanks for all the helpful feedback!
  3. Greetings, first post here. I've been looking around the forums, but wanted advice on my potential plan. Myself and my wife are young (26) and are currently living in LA. We're experienced travelers/backpackers, though the longest trip we've ever done is 6 months through SE asia. I own my own internet business, but incurred quite a bit of debt in the first few years of getting it running and profitable. I have never been to CR, but have traveled through Guatemala & Belize, and absolutely love the tropical climate. I want to move to CR to live cheaper than we can in LA, to hopefully pay off lots of debt. We live very frugally, and love going to local food/markets/etc. Is this a feasible plan? I know it'll cost money to get down there, but we are looking at staying for at least 2 years. If feasible, are there any recommendations on a good region to focus on? We'd like to be NEAR a city, but don't need to be downtown (so that we can meet other expats). We tend to shy away from touristy areas, and love jungle / green / tropical areas. A coast isn't necessary, though would be awesome if we can afford it. We'd like to find a small 1 bedroom for < $600 / mo, with decent internet. I know there are many potential areas we can go, but I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed with the selection. Any recommendations?

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