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  1. Panama....I didn't even think of that. I have made several trips to David to buy things (tires for the car, Christmas shopping, etc)...that is a reasonable alternative.
  2. I would say Florida. Check Tampa (TPA), Miami (MIA), Ft. Lauderdale (FTL) and Orlando (MCO). All would offer the stores and resonably priced hotels. I know you can get Spirit flights (without the $9 club), for less than $300 roundtrip. That being said, you will still have to factor in your luggage. If you are going for a shopping trip, might be prudent just to plan on going to Walmart and buying a couple of duffle bags once stateside (rather than paying for a suitcase).
  3. I don't know the answer to your question, but another thing to note is the next Survivor is being filmed there as well. I'm afraid the rest of the world is soon going to know about my secret get away.
  4. Hi Paul, I just replaced my passport as well and my old passport came back separately albeit several days later (almost a week). You should be safe. Merc
  5. They scared me for most of the afternoon, but the Dolphins pulled it out. Phew...and I can't believe the Bucs gave the Jets a win!
  6. Oh you are just full of good news. LOL Fortunately, the gun permit isn't a major issue for me...just a want. Thanks for the additional information just the same.
  7. Yeah, I was using the search method Mark gave me and found the threads that gave me that disappointing news. I guess I'll have to wait until next year
  8. I guess because I wasn't paying attention. Can one of the moderators move it for me please?
  9. One of our forum members here posted his experience about getting a gun permit, but I can not find the thread. I "think" Mark had a way to search the forums using google, but I can't seem to find that either. So, with that being said. If anyone has either of that information I would greatly appreciate it. (I'm not looking for a gun debate - just helpful information) Thanks, Merc
  10. Hi Lucy, Seems like you and I have just about the same timing. My wife just entered the US 2 weeks ago (still waiting on my CR residency - through marriage). If I can help in anyway let me know. Merc
  11. Ohh...since you said that I went back and read the OP. I was thinking for CR to US. That is the only experience I have. Please disregard my advice as it isn't applicable.
  12. I have started using Fed Ex, they offer true next day delivery and seem far cheaper than the other options. Last time I sent an overnight letter it was $50. (That was about a month ago)
  13. Wow...took me 3 hours to get as far as I did...I better start conditioning now for next year
  14. I tried last night. Walked from Sabana to Tres Rios (16 kilometers) did some quick math and realized I wouldn't arrive at the church until 2 am, having to be up at 6 today...I opted to take the bus home and do it next year when I can leave before 5pm or have the next day off. Not to mention that is a tough walk, kudos (blessings) to anyone that completes it.
  15. Hey Paul, I have done that same wait before. I grabbed a cab and went to a book store and had a decent lunch. The cab fare was more expensive that what I was expecting (got used to the CR cab fares I guess). There is a mall close by as well, but unfortunatly I have forgotten the name of it. By the time you get through security and all that jazz, that time actually passes rather quickly. GL Merc
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