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  1. Thanks for all of the advice. BTW Mediatica, bringing paddle boards down is tough, especially if they're longer than 10 feet. I couldn't find an airline that would transport them because of their length. I currently work for FedEx and if the boards are 11 feet long, they dont fit in their shipping containers. DHL would do it, but it was going to cost more than what the boards are worth. I've opted to ship them along with my household goods.
  2. After having visited Costa Rica several times, my husband and I (both in our 40's) are considering moving to the South Caribbean side of the country. Although I surf a little, I prefer to use a Stand-Up Paddle Board (also known as an SUP), but noticed no one seemed to have any for rent. When I asked who might have some, I was told by several people that the boards are too big for tourists to check in as luggage and they are too expensive for the locals to just buy a bunch and rent out. Aside from buying a vacation rental home, we are considering also bringing several SUP boards down to rent out to tourists. I think it would be a lucrative business. The house we are thinking of buying is a "corporation" and wondered if its possible to incorporate the SUP rentals in with the vacation rental house. Any ideas? Thanks

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