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  1. As a permanent resident of CR with social security and savings as only income do you file as a non resident or can you continue filing as resident when filing US taxes.
  2. I am looking for a GP/family doctor in sabana/Escazu area. Will appreciate ant help. AM
  3. abdul

    CAJA Voluntario change

    Well I went to ARCR office this morning and to my surprise Carolina already knew about my new status of permanent resident. She had already gone ahead and changed the status with CAJA and my monthly payment was back to a reasonable amount. Thank you all for your inputs.
  4. abdul

    CAJA Voluntario change

    Thank you stfree for your valuable input. I will do that.
  5. abdul

    CAJA Voluntario change

    Thank you very much for all the inputs. I am still affiliated with ARCR and pay caja through them. I will visit their office and get things sorted out. Abdul
  6. abdul

    CAJA Voluntario change

    I came here 10 years ago as Rentista requiring $1000 income. Last year I was paying around $60 CAJA for me and wife through ARCR. That has shot up to $270/month which I can not afford. I was told at ARCR to get permanent residency which would reduce payment back to previous amount. I applied and my residency has just come through. I have following questions if any one has some answers would appreciate: 1. Was the increase seen only by ARCR members. (Were we penalized because it was an easy catch) 2. My stated rentista income at the time was $1000 (new income is$2500). Do I need copies of documents from immigration to prove.(not an easy task getting documents from immigration) 3. Do I have to resign from ARCR, if so how? and go for voluntario. Do you loose coverage in the mean time. 4. What does the expenses have to do with the application? and do I need to present proof. I own a home. Thanks Abdul
  7. Yes I am rentista under the old 1000 law. Have been here over 10 years and was paying $60/month for Caja through ARCR. All of a sudden this went up to $252. I went to Caja office to explain to them, they told me there was no way out I would have to pay on the new 2500 law. Every one who used ARCR got screwed. So now I have applied for the residency, don't know how long that will take, but hope that helps in reducing the payment for a service I hardly use. Otherwise I will have to say adios to Costa Rica, can' afford it any more.
  8. Does that requre your son to submit foreign corporation tax forms every year?
  9. abdul

    Corporation and Will

    This is a complex issue. We were advised to have a CR will, so we did. Putting your child on the board of the corporation would require him to file corporate tax documents every year even if the corporation is dormant like we have to.
  10. 10k or more is not a new rule. I stumbled on it 4 years ago and had to hire an accountant to refile all my previous years as the panelty is very stiff. Since then I keep the balance below 10k and that is total of all your foreign accounts.
  11. It would be nice to have a list of doctors that people have had good experience with. Name, address, phone no. and speciality. Also if English spoken. At present I am looking for an Internist or a GP and a Urologist. Thanks
  12. It is required by Costa Rican law to pay for both Caja and Sugra for full time and regular part time employees. Legaly there is no way out of this as the employer is required to make the payments and no contract with an employee would work. Minimum payment would be C36000 per month. If the employee goes against you and reports, you would be liable for all the previous years plus fines.

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