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  1. Something else to think about. I've lived in Central valley for 1yr. Humidity (cool yes, humid very. Had to have my face skin scrapped because of ?mold? The doctors (plural) I've seen tell me it's the sun (what sun), but I've hid in my house for at least 3 of the 12 months. venturing outside twice a week to buy food. I must apply a cream twice a day to keep the ?mold? from turning my skin into a giant red scab. Long story short, visiting for up to 3months at a time is not enough. If'n I had bought i would not be happy (and I'm already not happy cause of this). ANYONE know where I can move in CR where humidity is less than 58%???? Anyone else had their skin scrapped and advice what to do? Oh yea, the medication I apply has a black box warning, something about causing cancer. wif4
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