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  1. robertydonna

    Did I forget ?anywhere

    I'll check it out, Thank You !!!
  2. robertydonna

    Did I forget ?anywhere

    I did not even look it that direction, but I will now. Thank you so much.
  3. robertydonna

    Did I forget ?anywhere

    Grecia was on my list, don't know how it got off the final list. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!
  4. robertydonna

    Did I forget ?anywhere

    I pulled it from my post, I meant for you to pull it from your post. No big deal. Thanks a ton for the heads up.
  5. robertydonna

    Did I forget ?anywhere

    Thanks much Paul, can you edit amount out of your post?l Donna
  6. Hello to All !!! We are very excited about retiring to CR next spring. We are visiting again the end of June 2011 for 3 weeks. And YES we are going to attend the ARCR seminar. Can't wait. My question is this: We wanted to visit sm/med towns in the Central Valley. Have done extensive reading and searching on the web. My number one requirement is a "view". Just want to sit back for a while, drink coffee and look at the "view:". We plan on renting and moving around a lot the first year, or may be forever:) Don't mind small, just looking for the view. What pops out at me are the small guest homes with one bedroom. Any way.....we are going to look at Sarchi, Atenas, Palmares, San Ramon, and Ciudad Colon. We will probably use Atenas as a "home base". I have ruled out Santa Anna and Heredia (too big), Alajuela and SanJjose (way to big). Am I missing some towns? Thank you so much for all of the information I have already received from reading you web site. And again, WE CANT WAIT! Donna

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