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  1. I wonder. If you are a resident, you have the CAJA; therefore, your health care is covered. If the point of the Affordable Health Care Act is to make sure everyone has access to health care, proving that you're a member of the CAJA should theoretically prove that you have access to health care and therefore should be exempt. But who knows?
  2. So sorry to hear that. You know, the constant threat of being robbed might be the one thing that keeps us from moving to Costa Rica. So sad. Jodi
  3. When we were in the Central Valley in July all the ticos seemed to be wearing pants. A couple of times my husband wore sandals and got very strange looks from ticos. We both wore pants all the time.
  4. Hi Paul, I looked it up and apparently it's 63 miles. I'm outside of Philadelphia and we're about 200 miles from the epicenter in Charlottesville. Jodi
  5. It was centered in Charlottesville, VA and was 5.9. My husband was sitting in his truck outside work and didn't feel a thing, but when he went back to his building everyone was pretty freaked out. It felt pretty strong here. Funny.
  6. Well, this is a switch. There was an earthquake in Virginia about half an hour ago that was felt all the way to New England. My house was shaking and the cats were diving for cover. Very freaky. Good practice for CR. Although I'm originally from California, I haven't felt an earthquake since 1957 or so. Jodi
  7. I certainly agree with Paul about Isabel being a sweetheart. We stayed there in July and she was so sweet and helpful. Her son Niko is a joy too. The only problem was that we stayed in the separate part with the private bathroom and partway through our stay there the bathroom light switch went out, so the bathroom was dark for the rest of our stay. We'll be returning in January and will be staying just for a night before we head to San Ramon and I think we'll stay in the house. We haven't made reservations yet. Jodi
  8. Hola, We're home from our first trip to CR. Funny, we had a harder time adjusting to being home in the US than to being in CR and I mean physically and mentally. We want to return in the dry season, probably sometime in January to continue looking around, getting to know people, and practicing our Spanish. We're starting to look at plane fares now. The problem is I don't know that I'll recognize a good fare when I see one. We traveled around the Central Valley and saw Alajuela, Grecia, Atenas, Carriari, Belen, La Garita, San Ramon, Naranjo, Santiago de Puriscal, La Paz, and more. We went to a couple of ferias. We were very graciously taken to the one in Grecia by Dave and Marcia. Thank you. We also went to the one in San Ramon. We took a shuttle bus to Arenal, had a view of the volcano going dormant and the lake from our hotel room, and went to the hot springs. I must admit that the hot springs were a major hit with me. We saw places for sale from $95,000 to $900,000 (yes, there was more land with the latter, but not $800,000 worth) and places for rent from $140 to $700 per month. In other words, prices are all over the map. It was also interesting to see how many places did not have stoves but instead had sort of 3-burner hot plates run by gas. We loved the slower pace and natural beauty we found. Isabel at Vida Tropical was lovely and very helpful. The couple of young Tico drivers we had were lots of fun and went out of their way for us. We enjoyed everyone we met, both Tico and Gringo. We think we can live simply and enjoy pura vida. Frankly, besides the bureacracy, the hardest things for me will be if I have to have a suicide shower, because of the low flow necessary, and if I can't flush my toilet paper. BTW, what's with the toilet paper in CR? Is there a regulation against having thicker TP? Sorry if the subject offends. Of the places we visited, we most liked Puriscal and La Paz; however, we just touched the tip of the volcano, so to speak. When we return, we'll hopefully be able to rent a cabina for a couple of weeks and we'll rent a car so that we can really investigate. Our plans for here are to start cleaning out—throwing out, selling, consolidating. The hardest part will probably be selling the house in this horrible market. We're considering 2 options in regard to that: (1) sell the house and buy something smaller that we can rent out here while living there or (2) sell the house and invest the money here. We're leaning toward the 2nd option. Anyway, we'd like to thank everyone who gave us advice and answered our questions. Jodi
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