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  1. eleanorcr - It is not at all uncommon for gaming site to accept corporate/partnership money. My gaming account is in the name of a US LLC. It's just not the same name as my CR SA. ( I feel like im the Army with all the acronyms.) I understand how to open a personal bank account...that is not the problem. I am asking where. Which banks allow you to use their debit cards for gaming purposes? For instance, before April 15th, you couldnt make deposits with a BofA card but you could with a Schwab debit card.
  2. You say that as if we are in a place where bank accounts are easy to open. While that is the obvious choice i was more looking for advice on which banks will permit gambling deposits. Even when it was "semilegal" in the states, man banks blocked their clients from doing so.
  3. So I am a full time resident in Costa Rica and would like to get back to playing some online poker. Since April 15, all US Credit/debit cards are pretty much blocked from online sites. I have a CR bank account, but it (and my Visa Debit card) are in the name of an SA. When I try to deposit money into my poker account (PokerStars) I am told that it has to be a credit/debit card linked to an individual and not a corporation. So my question is...If any of your play online poker, what is the best way to fund your account?
  4. As of about three weeks ago they were still around. They are located in the strip mall that is to the right of Walmart - Escazu. There is also a few banks in the shopping center but I cant recall the name. At the time I purchased one, they had 3 or 4 glocks in stock, though I dont specifically recall a model 19. I was looking for a model 22 (which they had) when I originally went in, but ended up purchasing a S&W M&P 40 w/ Crimson Trace grips out the door for $1100. They also had the 9mm version of the M&P. The specialize mostly in hunting weapons, but told me they could get any gun I wanted. I just opted for one in stock. I know for a fact that the gun store in the Multiplaza Escazu carries the full line of Glocks but I dont have any experience purchasing from them.
  5. The import tax is 100% (of what Customs deems it is worth) so you might as well save yourself some headaches and just purchase one here. I used Serengeti Armari in Escazu and they handled all the paperwork/registration for an extra 10,000. Well worth it in my opinion. Took them 10 days from the time I walked in until I had the gun in my hands. I purchased the gun with an SA and I dont think that is still possible. I dont know what the wait times are like for a Concealed Permit. Besides - do you really want to risk you gun being locked up in customs? Though I have been told it is much better as of late - they are known to have sticky fingers and blind eyes.
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