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  1. 1) ELECTRICAL, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRICAL. This is a nightmare in this country.

    2) PLUMBING, PLUMBING, PLUMBING. The second nightmare.

    Often sewage empties to the street.

    No stink pipes

    No P traps.

    Often inadequate septic system.

    Better know your stuff when you go this route.

    There are many other difficulties.

    One house we looked at had a lot of mould around the exterior walls.

    Others needed to be completely rewired.

    Raw open wires in the bathroom and kitchen

    NB. Over 1/3 of all house fires in CR are electricallyu related.

  2. Check around and bargain.

    There is a great difference in the price quoted and the real price of the Rockers.

    If you are looking to ship quality furniture check out Cecilia's.

    She uses only 100% kiln dried wood.

    Fabulous stuff and great to work with.

    Fluent English spoken.

    If you are driving from Grecia she is on your right past the Carretas and the x emas.

    closed Monday

    email: ticaceci@yahoo.com

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